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Touring the heart of Harvard Square

Wearing sun hats and armed with selfie sticks, iPhones, and video cameras, tourists from all over the world visit Harvard Square and Harvard University each summer. Giant tour buses idle on Mount Auburn Street near Lowell House as their passengers march from bus to Square to Yard to Statue and back again. They hear the stories we’ve heard many times before: the Three Lies, the Titanic disaster, and the only surviving book from Harvard Hall. Photos are taken — many, many photos — and memories are made as the next bus arrives.

Among the postcards at Crimson Corner (formerly Nini’s Corner) on Massachusetts Avenue in the heart of Harvard Square is one of an orangutan that reads, “What! You Haven’t Been to Harvard?”
Native Floridians take a double-decker bus around Harvard and MIT.
Tourists from South Korea stay shaded on Holyoke Street.
Enrico Benitez, 13, of California, waited in Harvard Square for his campus tour. What did he think the campus would be like? “I’m expecting it to be grand and marble,” Benitez said.
The John Harvard Statue is the place to be.
Tours are not always exciting for everyone.
Mike Rorro and his dog, Charlie, came from California to live in Cambridge this month.
These Chinese tourists bought lots of swag in New York City on their way to Boston.
A group meets on the steps of University Hall.
Dealing Moon of South Korea, visiting with his wife, Seonyoung, had trouble finishing his first hamburger — a triple decker at Bartley’s on Mass. Ave., and needed a fork and knife.
One last photo!