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Farewell, Harvard: A virtual reality experience

2 min read

Parting words from graduating seniors

In this immersive video series, five graduating seniors say farewell to Harvard, reflecting on their experiences in some of their favorite University spaces.

In order to take advantage of the virtual reality experience, the pieces below can be accessed in several ways.

  • If you’re on a desktop computer, play the embedded videos and use your mouse to explore the immersive environment while listening to the student farewells.
  • If you’re using a mobile device, use the YouTube app to watch the videos. You will be able to move your phone around to explore the spaces.
  • If you own a headset, such as Google Cardboard, use your phone and the YouTube app to load the content and look around.

Rachel Thompson

“Harvard still feels big, the difference is that I feel big now too.”

Rachel Thompson, a first-generation student and Harvard Art Museums Student Board member, says farewell to Harvard.

Joshuah Campbell

“Every time a curtain goes up before me, I want the world to be surprised by what they see in me.”

Joshuah Campbell, a Hasty Pudding performer who studied music and French, says farewell to Harvard.

Sreeja Kalapurakkel

“Harvard tore me to the core, bringing me closer to who I am to become.”

Sreeja Kalapurakkel, a South Asian dancer who studied history of science, says farewell to Harvard.

Kyle Criscuolo

“Arriving at Harvard was far from easy, but it will be much harder to leave.”

Kyle Criscuolo, a hockey team captain who studied psychology, says farewell to Harvard.

Ana-Maria Constantin

“It felt as though I was living in two different world: one here, and one on the other side of the ocean.”

Ana-Maria Constantin, a Romanian student who studied astrophysics and computer science, says farewell to Harvard.