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7,738 degrees, certificates awarded at Harvard’s 365th Commencement

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Today the University awarded a total of 7,727 degrees and 11 certificates. A breakdown of degrees and programs is listed below.

Harvard College granted a total of 1,661 degrees. Degrees from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) were awarded by Harvard College and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

All figures include degrees awarded in November 2015 and March and May 2016.

Harvard College: 1,661 degrees. 1,623 Bachelor of Arts; 38 Bachelor of Science.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences: 988 degrees. 338 Master of Arts, 103 Master of Science, 9 Master of Engineering, 538 Doctor of Philosophy.

Harvard Business School: 934 degrees. 922 Master of Business Administration, 12 Doctor of Business Administration.

Harvard School of Dental Medicine: 61 degrees. 13 Master of Medical Sciences, 12 Doctor of Medical Sciences, 36 Doctor of Dental Medicine.

Harvard Divinity School: 130 degrees. 42 Master of Divinity, 2 Master of Theology, 79 Master of Theological Studies, 7 Doctor of Theology.

Harvard Extension School: 783 degrees. 8 Associate in Arts, 148 Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies, 627 Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies.

Harvard Graduate School of Design: 310 degrees. 97 Master of Architecture, 33 Master of Architecture in Urban Design, 71 Master in Design Studies, 63 Master in Landscape Architecture, 2 Master of Landscape Architecture in Urban Design, 39 Master in Urban Planning, 5 Doctor of Design.

Harvard Graduate School of Education: 746 degrees. 671 Master of Education, 11 Certificate of Advanced Study, 24 Doctor of Education Leadership, 40 Doctor of Education.

Harvard Kennedy School: 584 degrees. 81 Master in Public Administration, 218 Master in Public Administration (Mid-Career), 68 Master in Public Administration in International Development, 207 Master in Public Policy, 10 Doctor of Philosophy.

Harvard Law School: 769 degrees. 167 Master of Laws, 593 Doctor of Juridical Science, 9 Doctor of Law.

Harvard Medical School: 226 degrees. 10 Master of Bioethics, 53 Master in Medical Science, 163 Doctor of Medicine.

Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences: 365 degrees. 221 Bachelor of Arts, 36 Bachelor of Science, 8 Master of Engineering, 51 Master of Science, 49 Doctor of Philosophy.

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health: 546 degrees. 364 Master of Public Health, 121 Master of Science, 61 Doctor of Science.