Video: Ned Brown and Joe Sherman/Harvard Staff

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At Commencement, the parents’ perspective

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A personal look at their daughter’s greatest milestone yet

They say that time flies when you’re having fun. But ask any parent, and that person will tell you that time only really started speeding up the moment she or he became one. Babies grow into toddlers, teenagers morph into young adults, and before you know it the kids have flown the nest for college, leaving behind a strangely quiet home packed to the brim with nostalgia.

Within those walls, on paper, film, and hard drives, in shelves, on cabinets, and in boxes, the treasures of childhood — and parenthood — lie documented. For every milestone, there’s a photograph with a loving caption. For each embarrassing memory, there is shaky footage as longstanding evidence.

Narrated by her proud parents, this video celebrates one of the greatest milestones yet for Katherine Kulik ’15, and those who guided her along the way to her graduation from Harvard.