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Common Threads: Summer in the Yard

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Harvard is keeping cool when the heat is on

As temperatures soar, staying cool is a priority. Whether it’s relaxing in the shade, wearing lightweight material, or enjoying the breeze in one of the University’s Common Spaces, everyone wants to enjoy the summer months while they last. Some dress to impress with pops of color or the latest mixed-and-matched trends, while for others simplicity is key. Harvard’s campus shifts during the summer months, getting a refreshing splash of style from the influx of international students and visitors. But whatever the fashion statement, being frugal and comfortable is a must this summer season.

— Crystal Chandler

“This is an African hat,” said West Africa-born Boubacar Diakite, a professor in the Department of African Studies. “Once you reach 40, you wear it every day. It’s a sign of wisdom.”
Sometimes a pop of color is the perfect reflection of summer. “I love this color,” said Lydia Chen, a fashion design student from Taiwan. “I’m inspired by my art.”
“Anton is the reason we’re so stylish. He’s the most annoying person to go into the store with, because I have to have his approval on everything!” said Christian Wanner of his 14-year-old son, here with Wanner’s wife, Maud, and daughter Audrey, 17, who was visiting Harvard as a prospective applicant.
“My style is modest, but cool and breezy,” said Shireen Khan, a Graduate School of Design student who confessed she sports a key on her necklace because, “I get locked out of my room a lot.”
“I like to be flowy but structured,” said Kristen Ramaseur, who works with kids all day at a children and family services center in Cambridge.
“It’s my first day visiting Boston,” said Joanna Pang, a visitor to Harvard Business School via Shanghai. “I always like to match but I like to be comfortable.”
There was no lack of confidence in Akaki Adamia, a management and finance summer school student from the Republic of Georgia. “I look at other people’s style,” he said of his fashion inspiration, “and upgrade it. My father gave me this shirt. He used to live by the seaside in Georgia.”
“I like wearing black, though it’s not the first thing you plan on wearing in the summer,” said Francisco Quiñones, a 2014 GSD graduate teaching a summer course.
“My style is vintage/New Age,” said Ami Artiz, a summer school student, reading on the colorful chairs in Harvard Yard. “I like to mix and match a lot. I shop at Goodwill … and this shirt is from a little boutique. I like to support local businesses.”
“It’s hot, so if you get wet, it doesn’t matter because you’re wearing a swimsuit!” said Matt Penner of California, who was visiting Boston for a few weeks. “I’m a writer, and I’m writing a nonfiction book about a few crazy months I lived at the beach.”
“There’s a shop in Belfast called Primark, with lots of bright, cheap clothes,” said Liz Wade, who was traveling with friends to New York, Boston, and Chicago before returning overseas. “I love the big hair, too. I can’t wear my hair flat. It freaks me out. I look weird with flat hair.”
Matteo Mauti, an international summer student, brought European flair to Harvard Summer School. “This is an example of a classic look from Italy.”
“I like to wear dresses,” said Tufts student Danielle Polland, who’s working in a Harvard psychology lab. The native New Yorker plans to explore the region this summer. “I’m headed to Cape Cod and Newport!”
“My style is whatever works. I’m from the Caribbean, so I like colors as well. But black … it’s slimming,” said Caco Daubentonia, a GSD graduate who is also teaching a summer course.
“I don’t do expensive clothing. Everything was super cheap,” said Andrea Escudero, a Harvard Summer School student from Mexico City. “My necklace is from Oaxaca and the purse, too.”
According to Antonio Magaldi, a lawyer visiting his daughter who is a research fellow, fashion in Boston is very similar to that in his native Brazil, where a salmon-colored shirt is the norm because there it’s summer all year long.