The Bureau of Study Counsel (BSC) awarded Keerthi Reddy ’14 and Daniel Wilson ’14 the Joseph L. Barrett Award on May 5. The award commemorates Joseph L. Barrett ’73, and honors exceptional students who generously give their time to support their peers in developing more meaningful college experiences.

Reddy and Wilson were honored for the inspiration and dedication they brought to Room 13, a peer counseling organization at Harvard. As co-directors, they helped deepen the group’s exploration of how to listen and respond with empathy and presence. They initiated listening workshops to help Houses and student groups explore the nuanced, layered, and complex nature of listening and responding to others.

As leaders, Reddy and Wilson opened themselves up to other students with both confidence and humility. They shared their own questions, learning processes, and discoveries, thereby helping create a safer, more exploratory context — a context for the unpredictability and satisfaction of true learning and discovery.