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Go wide, go long

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Between the hubbub of classes, panels, arts events, and myriad opportunities the University offers, the Harvard campus is brimming with common spaces, libraries, and museums, where a flurry of work, performances, and other spontaneous activity also take place. In this collection of photographs, shot surreptitiously with wide-angle and long-focus lenses, the vivacious Harvard community is seen from a new angle.

A woman talks on her phone outside Harvard’s Memorial Church.
Stanley Hoffmann, Paul and Catherine Buttenwieser University Professor Emeritus, strolls past a stop sign outside his office at the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies.
Memorial Church is framed by the shadow of Sever Hall’s arch.
Anne Takesian, a visiting postdoc, carries a science poster about her research as steam rises in the background at the Biology Labs.
Salvatore Rinchiera ’14 learns how to ride a unicycle outside Leverett House.
Nieman Fellow Alison MacAdam enjoys a master class with Broadway actor and vocalist Brian Stokes Mitchell (not pictured), as part of the Learning From Performers series inside Agassiz House.
A student rushes past exhibition mirrors inside Gund Hall at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.
An advertisement for the student performance of “Isaac’s Eye” by Lucas Hnath, directed by Jumai Yusuf ’16 and produced by Alice Berenson ’16, is seen in a tunnel between Massachusetts Avenue and Harvard Yard.
The reflection from the metallic surface of a food truck refrigerator gives a kaleidoscopic view of pedestrians in the Science Center Plaza.
Karl Ikerman (left), 2, and Daniel Reyes, 3, play a giant chess game while students look on.
Stone lions frame the entrance to the Harvard-Yenching Library.
Shamrock-shaped architectural details and stained-glass windows adorn the grand ceilings of Memorial Hall’s Annenberg Hall.
Killer and bottlenose whale skeletons from Harvard University’s Museum of Comparative Zoology pose no danger to a student using his phone in the entrance of the Northwest Building.
A hawk takes off from the weather vane of Dillon Field House.
Memorial Hall’s stained-glass windows blur passersby.
The newly renovated Fogg Art Museum and Fine Arts Library is measured for a bike rack while undergoing construction.
Stained-glass windows made in 1900 by Sarah Wyman Whitman commemorate those who surrendered their lives in the War of the Rebellion inside Annenberg Hall.
The ornate lattice of an Eliot House gateway.
A construction worker completes a copper roof during the renovation of the Tozzer Library.
Nikki Long, a student in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, descends the staircase of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology as early spring buds prepare to blossom.
Students visit the Harvard Museum of Natural History while human and chimpanzee skeletons eerily look on.