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Wintersession again offered programming ranging from the creative to the downright practical

For 10 days in January, near the end of Winter break but just before classes resumed, students across Harvard took advantage of a wide array of programming that ranged from artistic and creative pursuits to career and professional development opportunities, recreational activities, and practical skills development.

Wintersession, the College-led programming initiative, is the time between terms that brings together undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and alumni to experience unique opportunities they may not otherwise pursue during the semester.

A lucky handful of students produced a Greek tragedy, while others tried welding for the first time. Students explored the mysteries of the Harvard Museum of Natural History and the Blackstone Steam Plant and the system of tunnels that heat the campus. Others built a computer mouse, or worked with alumni who happen to be two of the most successful television writers in Hollywood.

“Our writing sessions were peppered with story after story about the ins and outs of the world of television writing. The unique and amazing part of this program was the chance to receive thoughtful critical feedback on our own ideas, pitches, and jokes from one of the best in the business,” said Sam Richman ’15, who participated in the television writers’ workshop.

— Colin Manning

Instructor Bob Walsh (right) watches as Harvard students stage a combat scene at Arts@29Garden. Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer
Gareth Haslam ’17 (right) learns how to do a “hair pull” during the “Direct, Design, Perform: Reinventing the Stage in One Act” session. Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer
Students watch Bob Walsh (left) and his assistant Ellen Bryan (right) demonstrate fight moves. Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer
Stan Cotreau, machine shop manager in the Lyman Lab, teaches graduate students Paola Mariselli (left) and Mike Popejoy basic welding techniques. Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer
Graduate student Paola Mariselli, a computer science concentrator, took advantage of Wintersession to learn about welding. Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer
The welding seminar was designed to be a hands-on introduction to safe practices for those with no prior experience. Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer
Harvard Museums of Science and Culture Executive Director Jane Pickering (center) welcomes students to a behind-the-scenes tour of the world-renowned research museums at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer
Raquel Alonso-Perez, curator of the Harvard Mineralogical and Geological Museum (right), gives Brielle Bryan (from left), a Ph.D. candidate at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Eduardo Cabral ’16, Haley Adams ’15, Julianne Chu ’15, Aurielia Engel, a museum studies student in the Extension School, and Stefan Skalbania ’15 an opportunity to examine the geology collection hands-on. Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer
Julianne Chu ’15 and Stefan Skalbania ’15 get an up-close look at the world-renowned research museums at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer
Students examine energy-efficiency upgrades, boilers, and a steam turbine generator at work, and take a walk through the tunnels during a tour of the steam plant at 46 Blackstone St. Jon Chase/Harvard Staff Photographer
An operator in the control room monitors activity at the Blackstone Steam Plant. Jon Chase/Harvard Staff Photographer
Bob Manning, director of engineering and utilities, leads students on a tour of the steam plant. Jon Chase/Harvard Staff Photographer
Avinash Uttamchandani teaches students how to build their own computer mouse. Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer
Avinash Uttamchandani, a preceptor in electrical engineering at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, holds the inner workings of a computer mouse. Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer
Alex Kubanek (left), a physics research associate, builds his mouse while Avinash Uttamchandani helps graduate student Alp Sipahigil. Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer
Rachel Stromberg (pictured) sifts through story ideas during “The Writers’ Room: Writing for Television,” a seminar with Greg Daniels ’85 (“The Office,” “Parks and Recreation,” “King of the Hill”). Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer
Joseph Siara (left) and Michael Shayan laugh while discussing stories and pitching jokes during “The Writers’ Room” seminar. Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer
Greg Daniels ’85 leads students through an intensive writing seminar, giving them a taste of what it is like to work in a television. Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer