Campus & Community

In the light of the night

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Under the cover of darkness, Harvard’s campus is transformed. Shadows cast by lamplight and moonlight create a Hitchcockian atmosphere when rendered in black and white, like these photographs taken over the course of one week. Even scenes of building facades and empty chairs — innocuous and lifeless when pictured in color — glint with the intrigue of classic film noir. All that’s missing is a trench coat-clad detective rounding the corner, his wet footsteps fading into shadow.

6:18 p.m., Widener Library
6:33 p.m., Science Park Plaza benches
6:13 p.m., Memorial Church porch
6:09 p.m., Grays Hall
6:22 p.m., Lamont Library
6:10 p.m., Boylston Hall
6:29 p.m., light in the Yard
6:14 p.m., Widener Library
6:30 p.m., Memorial Hall
5:37 p.m., Widener Library
6:14 p.m., Memorial Church
6:21 p.m., Science Center Plaza
6:16 p.m., bench in the Yard
6:27 p.m., Memorial Hall
5:50 p.m., Harvard Yard
6:03 p.m., Johnston Gate
5:53 p.m., Widener Library