The Office for the Arts at Harvard (OFA) and the Office of the Dean for the Arts and Humanities announced the 2013 recipients of the Artist Development Fellowship. This program supports the artistic development of students demonstrating unusual accomplishment and/or evidence of significant artistic promise. The program is administered by the OFA and the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships, and made possible with the support of the Office of the President at Harvard University.

The 2013 recipients of the Artist Development Fellowship are Stella Chen ’15, Caroline Cuse ’13, Aisha Down ’14, Rachel Gibian ’15, Hazel Lever ’13, Devi Lockwood ’14, Oliver Luo ’13, Zena Mariam Mengesha ’14, Chase Morrin ’15, Megan Murdock ’14, Maxwell Phillips ’15, Liv Redpath ’14, Jacob Shack ’14, and Enzo Vasquez Toral ’14.

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