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Motley crew receives ACLS honors

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Faculty, fellows, and students win fellowships, grants

Since 1957, more than 9,200 scholars have held fellowships and grants from the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS). Fellowships and grants are awarded to individual scholars for excellence in research in the humanities and related social sciences. The peer-review process used to select ACLS fellows enables distinguished scholars to reach broad consensus on standards of excellence in humanities research.

Fellows and grantees from Harvard include Phillip Emmanual Bloom, doctoral candidate, history of art and architecture; Jimena Canales, associate professor, history of science; Jie Li, postdoctoral fellow, East Asian Languages and Civilizations; Duncan MacRae, doctoral candidate, ancient history; Lisa Maria McGirr, professor, history; and Sarah S. Richardson, assistant professor, history of science.

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