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Student to attend Warwick Economics Summit

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Received bursary from University of Warwick for expenses

Economics concentrator Pulkit Agrawal ’15 has been awarded a bursary by the Warwick Economics Summit with further contribution from the University of Warwick International office to attend the Warwick Economics Summit on Feb. 17-19. One other student, from the India Institute of Technology, Kanpur, was also funded.

The program was launched in December 2011 and received a large number of applications from around the world. Candidates were asked to submit a personal statement detailing their interest in their chosen field and what they hoped to gain from attending the summit.

“My interest in economics revolves around developmental economics, as I believe that the key to fighting poverty in many underdeveloped countries is through investment in human capital and public infrastructure,” said Agrawal. “The Warwick Economics Summit is an amazing opportunity to meet and share ideas with students, professors, and economists from around the world who share a similar vision, and I am looking forward to learning from so many great minds.”