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How to build a party

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Preparations are under way for Harvard’s 375th anniversary gala

Preparations are under way for Harvard’s 375th celebration in Tercentenary Theatre on Friday. Wondering how to plan a party for 5,000 of your closest friends? This is what you’ll need:

10,000 fresh strawberries
3,840 square feet of dance floor
670 pounds of Taza chocolate
450 gallons of Richardson’s ice cream
200 gallons of cider
160 vocalists
93 musicians
47 student performance groups
18 bushels of local apples
5 stages
4 walls of LED lights
1 cello

Interested in baking a red velvet cake for 5,000? For the cake:

128 pounds of butter
800 cups of sugar
1,000 eggs
500 egg yolks
1,100 cups of cake flour
63 cups of red food coloring
10 cups of vanilla extract
10 cups of baking soda
16 gallons of buttermilk
16 gallons of crème fraîche
125 cups of cocoa powder
21 cups of salt

For the frosting:

150 pounds of butter
490 cups of sugar
560 egg whites
19 gallons of milk
14 cups of vanilla extract
4 cups of salt
75 cups of flour

For more information on Harvard’s celebration, visit the 375th anniversary website.