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Hurricane Irene situation report

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Hurricane Irene, a Category 3 storm currently located east of Georgia, is expected to affect Massachusetts this weekend. The hurricane is maintaining a more westward track, with landfall expected between New York City and Newport, R.I., and the storm passing through Massachusetts Sunday night and Monday morning. It is expected to hit the area at somewhere between Tropical Storm and Category 2 hurricane levels. But the projected track could be off by as much as 60 miles, and the timing by six hours.

Precipitation: Isolated thunderstorms are possible tomorrow afternoon and evening. Rains associated with Irene may begin as early as Saturday afternoon, with the bulk of precipitation coming Saturday night through Sunday night. As much as 6 to 12 inches of rain are possible to the left of Irene’s track.

Winds: The most damaging winds are expected to occur to the right of Irene’s track. Winds in Massachusetts are forecast to be Tropical Storm (39-73 mph), Category 1 (74-95 mph), or Category 2 (95-110 mph). Timing of the arrival of damaging winds is highly dependent on Irene’s forward speed; Sunday morning through Sunday night are the most likely times. Irene also may spawn tornadoes Saturday night into Sunday, especially in its northeastern quadrant.

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