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Cordeiro Health Policy Summer Research Grants announced

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The Interfaculty Initiative in Health Policy has announced the 2011 recipients of the Cordeiro Health Policy Summer Research Grants. Rising seniors pursuing the secondary field in Global Health and Health Policy may apply for a Cordeiro Health Policy Summer Research Grant. The grant allows students to get a head start on their senior theses or research projects related to global health or health policy.

The 10 recipients, including their fields of study and thesis/research project titles, are listed below:

Eberechukwu Anidi, history and science, “The History of the Changing Role of the General Practitioner in the U.K.’s National Health Service”

Samuel Bakkila, special concentration in social inequality and public health, “LGBTQ Activists in Africa and HIV/AIDS Policy: A South African Case Study”

Sandra Lynne Fryhofer, government, “The Implementation of State-Based Insurance Exchanges”

Samuel Galler, East Asian studies, “NGOs in the Context of Global Health in China”

Kirsten Jorgensen, history and science, “The Historical Significance of Alaska’s ‘Floating Clinics’ in Shaping Health Care Delivery”

Anisha Kumar, anthropology, “Causality and the Meaning of Cancer in the Lives of Young Adult Patients”

Lavinia Mitroi, history and science, “The History of Institutional Care for Children in Romania”

Elizabeth Pinto, studies of women, gender, and sexuality, “The Gender and Sexuality of Binge Drinking on College Campuses”

Angela Primbas, government, “HIV/AIDS and Customary Law in Tanzania”

Matthew Young, government, “Elucidating the ‘Death Panels’ Phenomenon: Fear and Misinformation in the Politics of Health Care Reform and End-of-Life Care”