Whatever happened to the threat of wintry mix that churned out little more than a magical late-night dusting? For the past few weeks, the forecast has been outright blizzard, and the suffering of shoveling and deepest of winter blues have wracked the region. Harvard saw its fair share of snow woes — events were canceled on more than one occasion, and workers busily cleared sidewalks of snow and ice. But, surely as the days are getting longer, the sun will rise again! Snow will melt! Trips to the Caribbean will be bought, and mucho margaritas will be drunk!

Snow daze

Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer

  • You can stand under my umbrella

    You can stand under my umbrella

    Massive snow walls create a narrow pathway for pedestrians to navigate.

  • All rung up

    All rung up

    A worker removes snow and ice outside of Memorial Hall.

  • One


    A lone mitten is propped in the snow near Radcliffe Yard. Spooky...

  • Slushy


    Parking lot of doom!

  • Snow shoes

    Snow shoes

    To survive this weather, wearing these Medieval-looking contraptions just may work.

  • At your own risk

    At your own risk

    Wigglesworth Hall forms the backdrop as a blizzard rains down on Harvard students.

  • White out

    White out

    Harvard's new athletic field sits under a foot of snow.

  • Mayday!


    Better to ditch the vehicle and walk.

  • Hot toddy

    Hot toddy

    What glowing warmth awaits inside Lowell House?

  • Blizzard of one

    Blizzard of one

    Majestic snow swirls outside Memorial Hall.

  • Think spring

    Think spring

    Bus of dreams!