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Deadline looms for two HMS fellowships

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Two fellowships in Harvard Medical School’s (HMS) media fellowship program are open for applications from reporters. This spring’s two fellowship themes are how regenerative biology is changing the future of medicine and cancer genetics: interrogating one of medicine’s greatest adversaries. The deadline for both is Feb. 7.

The media fellowship program is entering its 14th season and has hosted dozens of reporters from print, radio, and television. Reporters work with HMS staff to design a program around the fellowship theme tailored to their particular interests and then spend a week meeting one-on-one with roughly 20 faculty and other relevant stakeholders. Fellows have often formed lasting relationships with these subject matter experts, and the School does not play gatekeeper in those relationships.

Applicants should send a two- to three-paragraph email detailing what they want to take away from the fellowship and stating that their have permission from their editor, or usual freelance clients, to cover the topic generically in the future. (Fellows are not obligated to cover Harvard’s work in the area, just the field as a whole.)

Successful applicants will be notified by Feb. 21. HMS will pay for participants’ lodging, and the program includes a per diem for meals.

To apply, email For questions, call 617.432.0441.