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Harvard’s Institute of Politics announces fall fellows

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The Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics (IOP) selected an experienced group of individuals for resident fellowships this fall. The announcement was made June 24.

The resident fellows include Dennis Archer, mayor, Detroit, Mich. (1994-2001), president, National League of Cities (2000-01), and president, American Bar Association (2003-04); Susan Milligan, national political reporter, The Boston Globe; Michèle Pierre-Louis, prime minister of Haiti (2008-09); Ophir Pines-Paz, Israel’s minister of interior (2005), minister of science, culture, and sport (2006), and Knesset member (1996-2010); Margaret Spellings, U.S. secretary of education (2005-09); and John Timoney, former Miami, Fla., chief of police, Philadelphia, Pa., police commissioner, and New York City first deputy commissioner.

“Inspiring interactions with top public sector leaders is a key reason student engagement in the field continues to grow,” said IOP Director Bill Purcell. “This fellows class is an ideal group of leaders who can help turn interest in public service into a career and commitment to making a difference.”

Over the course of an academic semester, resident fellows interact with students, participate in the intellectual life of the Harvard community, and lead weekly study groups on a range of topics.

For more information, visit the IOP Web site.