Harvard University today launched its own content on iTunes U, a dedicated area within iTunes that allows students, faculty, alumni, and visitors to tap into the University’s wealth of public lectures and educational materials on video and audio.

“At Harvard, we’re committed to providing the highest-caliber digital experience to showcase our excellence in teaching and research. iTunes U provides a robust way to help us meet this standard,” said Perry Hewitt, Harvard’s director of digital communications and communications services. “Our audiences have a strong interest in accessing all that Harvard has to offer online. Making Harvard University available on iTunes U is a logical step toward expanding our outreach.”

The University’s content features the sights and sounds of Harvard, including educational material such as Professor Michael Sandel’s renowned “Justice” course, which is an introduction to moral and political philosophy, and is one of the most popular courses at Harvard. Visitors also will be able to learn about the science of the brain’s “black box,” the secrets of aging, and other health-related topics from Harvard Medical School’s “labcasts,” and will have the opportunity to view public lectures by many of the University’s distinguished professors and guests.

“Knowledge quickly becomes inert without a means of easy and open access. The new iTunes channel is yet another fantastic way of allowing everyone from the curious amateur to the professional scholar to explore the amazing intellectual breadth of Harvard,” said Cherry A. Murray, dean of the Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and John A. and Elizabeth S. Armstrong Professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences. “It’s really cool to have courses and talks right at your fingertips. I will encourage our own community members at SEAS to contribute content and, of course, I plan to check in often myself.”

iTunes U is the latest effort to make the University’s world-class learning more accessible through strategic relationships with organizations that provide expertise in content delivery.

Harvard on iTunes U distributes free, downloadable material, created by a wide range of Harvard’s Schools and professors. Harvard offers users more options to stay connected to their interests at the University, while enhancing opportunities for learning beyond the classroom. iTunes U offers free educational content, including lectures, lab demonstrations, and campus tours, all available for download in the same way that individuals access music and movies using iTunes.

Launching on iTunes U is part of an overall digital-dissemination strategy for the University, which is committed to providing access to innovative content platforms and devices.

To access Harvard on iTunes U, start at http://itunes.harvard.edu/.