It’s a Harvard tradition for a group of freshmen to be named to the First-Year Social Committee (FYSC). The FYSC plans special events throughout the year. This fall, the group hosted the annual Costume Catwalk Oct. 30. Described as an opportunity for freshmen to “schmooze with Dean Dingman,” the event elicited comments as varied as the costumes. It “was one of the most interesting experiences I have had at Harvard so far,” said Chris Goldstein ’13, dressed as a monster from “Where the Wild Things Are.”

“My friends and I dressed up as the Village People, and we prepared our costumes from secondhand clothing, things we had lying around our dorm rooms, and what our parents could bring,” said Village People policeman Patrick Wicker ’13.

Dean of Freshmen Thomas Dingman, who came dressed as the Mad Hatter, got into the spirit of the event, saying, “Congratulations go to the First-Year Social Committee for giving all of us a chance to be kids again … and to see some serious strutting.”

Costume Catwalk

Photographs and text by Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer

  • Call of the ‘Wild’

    Call of the ‘Wild’

    Dressed as characters from the children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are,” Chris Goldstein ’13 (Carol the monster) and David Fuller ’13 (Max) show off.

  • The Mad Hatter ditches the tea party

    The Mad Hatter ditches the tea party

    Thomas A. Dingman (left), dean of freshmen and Mad Hatter for the night, enjoys the Catwalk with Robert A. Lue, professor of the practice of molecular and cellular biology and director of Life Sciences Education.

  • From Y-M-C-A to C-A-T-W-A-L-K

    From Y-M-C-A to C-A-T-W-A-L-K

    Dressed as the Village People, freshmen Patrick Wicker (from left), Corey Rosenberg, and Michael Feeney strut on the Catwalk.

  • Wrapping it up and breaking it down

    Wrapping it up and breaking it down

    A few “breakers” perform in toilet paper costumes.

  • Counting on Halloween

    Counting on Halloween

    Jessica Ferri ’13 (calculator) and Martin Evelyn ’13 (a Jedi Knight) revel in the night’s activities.

  • No bones about it

    No bones about it

    Han Yan '13, dressed as the season of autumn, decorates tables with skeleton bones in preparation for the event.