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Around the Schools: Graduate School of Design

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Graduate School of Design

At the Graduate School of Design (GSD), there’s plenty of learning still going on inside classrooms. But, as in many other areas, the Web is also proving to be a gateway to novel ways of sharing ideas and building teamwork.

One such example is the student journal Trays, an online GSD forum where students are encouraged to post projects and display their work, air their problems, and exchange comments.

On the site’s homepage, the editors say that “Students may submit writing and/or images, and possibly alternative media and forms of interactivity when those become desirable. The editorial team will work with the student submitting work to prepare the piece for publishing on the website … Editors will also conduct interviews, contact alumni and notable professionals, and author other features that will help to give a broader sense of the range of activities and possibilities that are to be found at the GSD.”

The present home page includes a range of work, including photos that show whimsical, winding bookshelves in the Chinatown Storefront Library, an interview with noted architect Bernard Plattner, and a mixed-media project that took Wagner’s “Tristan Chord,” recreated it in architectural form, and then turned it back into music.