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Parmigiani and Dominici named professors of biostatistics at HSPH

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Giovanni Parmigiani, a noted leader in applying bioinformatics tools to cancer studies and medical decision making, has been appointed professor of biostatistics at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and chair of the Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. He has helped devise a number of bioinformatics software tools and programs, including BRCAPRO, which is used in genetic counseling of families at high risk of breast and ovarian cancer. He also helped develop BayesMendel, a suite of tools that covers a broad range of familial risk prediction tasks in breast, ovarian, colorectal, and pancreatic cancers.

Francesca Dominici, a biostatistician whose work has influenced air pollution regulation, has also joined the faculty at HSPH as professor of biostatistics. She focuses on developing new mathematical and statistical methods for identifying subtle but important health risks within complex databases. Dominici’s work develops models to better understand the health effects of air pollution.