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Around the Schools: Harvard Kennedy School

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The International Criminal Court (ICC), a permanent tribunal based in the Netherlands recognized by 108 nations, prosecutes crimes against humanity, including genocide.

But some critics say that despite the ICC’s intended influence and power, its international networks are not well coordinated. Enter the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Harvard University, an interdisciplinary research center associated with the John F. Kennedy School of Government. On Sept. 9-11, the center will convene a Consultative Conference on International Criminal Justice at United Nations headquarters in Manhattan. Funded by the MacArthur Foundation, the conference will feature three days of panels and presentations on the ICC, bringing together diplomats, scholars, humanitarian aid experts, jurists, and law enforcement officials.

Among the speakers linked to Harvard are Christopher Stone, Professor of the Practice of Criminal Justice and faculty director of the Hauser Center; lawyer and philanthropist Rita E. Hauser ’58; and Justice Richard J. Goldstone, one-time chief prosecutor of the United Nations criminal tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, and last year a visiting professor at Harvard Law School.

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