Annenberg Hall, arguably the most extraordinary 9,000 square feet on Harvard’s campus, has served since 1874 as a gathering place, dance hall, Commencement location, reception venue, exam hall, and, since 1994, as the dining hall reserved for freshmen in Harvard College. With the hall serving approximately 3,400 meals each day, students eat more than 1,500 local apples, 2,000 slices of pizza, and consume more than 40 gallons of New England clam chowder a week, all while surrounded by 20 paintings, mostly depicting Civil War soldiers; 25 sculptures and busts; and 18 windows that make up a veritable museum of 19th century American stained glass. Window No. 19 remains unfinished and will be completed in memory of Roger Annenberg ’62 for whom the hall is named.

Harvard Rituals: Annenberg Hall by the numbers

Justin Ide/Harvard News Office

  • Feeding the freshmen

    Feeding the freshmen

    Since 1994, meals at Annenberg Hall have been reserved for freshmen.

  • Have a good meal

    Have a good meal

    Checking in the dining hall is quick and easy.

  • History preserved

    History preserved

    A marble statue of U.S. President John Adams presides in Annenberg.

  • Grab a tray and fill it up

    Grab a tray and fill it up

    Harvard students enter Annenberg for a meal.

  • Study spaces

    Study spaces

    A student finds himself multitasking during mealtime.

  • Meals on loop

    Meals on loop

    Fruit Loops is a popular meal choice for Harvard College freshmen.