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Weatherhead Center presents doctoral candidates with research grants

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The Weatherhead Center for International Affairs has selected 11 Harvard doctoral candidates to receive pre- and mid-dissertation grants to conduct research on projects related to international, transnational, global, and comparative studies. In addition, the center is awarding four foreign language grants to doctoral students to assist them in their field research. The recipients, along with their projects, are listed below:

Oana Dan, Ph.D. candidate in sociology, is researching the impact of national political elites’ discourse on public opinion about EU citizenship and civic integration, comparing France and Romania.

Aryo Danusiri, Ph.D. candidate in anthropology, is conducting research on former combatants, reintegration, and social change in post-conflict and post-tsunami Aceh, Indonesia.

Jill Goldenziel, Ph.D. candidate in government, seeks to explain how international refugee management organizations aid refugees within the constraints of donor preferences, host country politics, and international law.

David Landau, Ph.D. candidate in government (and Pedro Pick NOMOS Graduate Student Research Fellow), is studying the spread of constitutional norms by new courts in Mexico and Colombia.

Stefan Link, Ph.D. candidate in history, is conducting a transatlantic study of illiberal social and economic thought in the interwar years.

Hassan Malik, Ph.D. candidate in history, is conducting a multilingual and multiarchival case study of Russia as an emerging market for foreign portfolio investors from c. 1880 to 1930.

Tamara Pavasovic, Ph.D. candidate in sociology, is examining the influence of the state on the reconstruction of ethnic identity and nationalism in youth in post-conflict areas in Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia.

Brenna Powell, Ph.D. candidate in government and social policy, is conducting a comparative analysis of how paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland have managed the transition to peace and adjusted to the post-conflict security and policing paradigm.

Christopher Robert, Ph.D. candidate in public policy, is conducting experimental work involving subjective well-being and welfare analysis in the international development context.

Chana Teeger, Ph.D. candidate in sociology, is examining how apartheid commemorations are constructed for and consumed by both South African audiences and African-American tourists.

Anya Vodopyanov, Ph.D. candidate in government, is conducting exploratory research on the politics of welfare provision in the Middle East, including data collection in four Middle Eastern countries and research at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.


Philippa Hetherington, Ph.D. candidate in history, will study German and Russian in Berlin and St. Petersburg for her dissertation on the history of the Russian Empire.

Jody Benjamin, Ph.D. candidate in history, will study Bamana in Mali for his dissertation in early and modern African history.

Ali Babakrod Khadem, Ph.D. candidate in Near Eastern languages and civilizations, will study Arabic for his dissertation on Islamic political and intellectual history.

Sarah Shortall, Ph.D. candidate in history, will study German in Berlin for her dissertation on the intellectual and cultural history of Modern Europe.