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Hoopes winners recognized for outstanding scholarship

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The following Harvard College seniors have been named Thomas T. Hoopes Prize winners for outstanding scholarly work or research. The prize is funded by the estate of Thomas T. Hoopes ’19. The recipients, including their research and advisers, are as follows:

Andersson, David for his submission titled “‘This Train Is Not a Playground’: Improv Everywhere and Urban Public Pranks” — nominated by Kiku Adatto

Atreya, Meera for her submission titled “Engineering Recombinase Enzymes to Emulate the CCR5-delta32 Mutation Conferring Resistance to HIV-1 Infection” — nominated by Professor David Liu

Barbieri, Pierpaolo for his submission titled “For Glory, for Money: Determinants of Fascist Intervention in the Spanish Civil War” — nominated by Professor Niall Ferguson and Professor Charles Maier

Barnett-Hart, Anna Katherine for her submission titled “The Story of the CDO Market Meltdown: An Empirical Analysis” — nominated by Professor Efraim Benmelech

Bartlett, Megan for her submission titled “The Impact of Physiological Adaptation on the Biodiversity of the Dipterocarpaceae at the Lambir Hills Tropical Forest Site” — nominated by Professor Noel Holbrook

Becker, Justin for his submission titled “Budding Yeast Bub1 and Sgo1 Have an Ip11-Independent Role in Promoting Sister-Chromatid Bi-Orientation That Is Essential in Cells of Higher Ploidy” — nominated by Professor David Pellman

Bluestone, Hattie for her submission titled “The Milk in the Pail” — nominated by Professor Stephen Marglin

Bollard, Lewis for his submission titled “Three Cages: The Animal Rights Movement and Corporate Reform in America” — nominated by John McMillian

Bronowicka, Joanna for her submission titled “A Fever of Hope: The Role of Emotions in the Sans-Papiers Movement in France” — nominated by Nicole Newendorp

Chen, William for his submission titled “Kinetic Measurements of Mitochondrial Respiration” — nominated by Professor Vamsi Mootha

Cheng, Jane for her submission titled “Imitation as Innovation: The Imitatio Christi 1450-1550” — nominated by Professor Jeffrey Hamburger

Clarke, Killian for his submission titled “Saying ‘Enough’: The Impact of Authoritarianism in Egypt on the Kefaya Movement” — nominated by Professor Jocelyn Viterna and Professor Emad Shahin

Duncan, Julie for her submission titled “Faith Displayed as Science: The Role of the ‘Creation Museum’ in the Modern American Creationist Movement” — nominated by Professor Janet Browne

Fisher, Marina for her submission titled “The Accusative and Infinitive Construction in Latin: An Integrated Approach” — nominated by Dianne Jonas

Fu, Roger for his submission titled “On the Interiors of the Water-Rich Super-Earths” — nominated by Professor Richard O’Connell

Goldschmidt, James for his submission titled “Sozzini’s Jerusalem: Civic Biography and ‘City as She’ in Alessandro di Girolamo Sozzini’s Diario delle Cose Avvenute in Siena (1587)” — nominated by Sally Livingston

Hagan, Kimberly for her submission titled “Considerations of Space in Zapatista Literature” — nominated by Rani Neutill

Hall, Matthew for his submission titled “Syntax, Time, and the Experience of Musical Meaning” — nominated by Professor Christopher Hasty

Hendren, Jeremiah for his submission titled “Two-Dimensional: Radical Subjectivity in the Early Marcuse” — nominated by Thomas Ponniah

Hinshelwood, Bradley for his submission titled “John Locke and the Problem of American Slavery” — nominated by Professor Eric Nelson

Hsu, Tiffanie for her submission titled “Three Beauties” [an animated film] — nominated by Professor Ruth Lingford

Huang, Ana for her submission titled “On the Surface: Conceptualizing Gender and Subjectivity in Chinese Lesbian Culture” — nominated by Professor Afsaneh Najmabadi

Hwang, Jung Eun for her submission titled “MIT or Tsinghua? A Panel Data Analysis of the Determinants of Domestic Higher Education and International Student Mobility” — nominated by Professor Richard Freeman

Jonke, Kevin for his submission titled “Hope Against Hope: The Unintended Consequences of Public Housing Policy in Mission Hill” — nominated by Professor Robert Sampson

Junior, Jean for her submission titled “The Gendered Experiences of African Physician Immigrants to the U.S.” — nominated by Professor Mary Waters

Kelley, Russell Phelps for his submission titled “Modulation of Gag-Specific Cellular Immune Responses to Prototype HIV Vaccines by Toll-Like Receptor Ligands in Mice” — nominated by Professor Dan Barouch

Kester, Kirsten for her submission titled “Investigating Genetic Variation in the Bacterial Symbionts of the Deep-Sea Mussel, Bathmodiolus thermophilus (Bivalvia: Mollusca)” — nominated by Professor Colleen Cavanaugh

Kim, Audrey for her submission titled “Crediting Empire: Politics, Policies and Perceptions of Japan in the London Bond Market (1900-1914)” — nominated by Professor Niall Ferguson

Kim, June-Ho for his submission titled “The Role of an Alternatively Translated Intracellular Isoform of Osteopontin in T Helper Cell Polarization” — nominated by Professor Harvey Cantor

Kimmey, Roy for his submission titled “Johnny Rotten Behind the Berlin Wall: Punk in East Germany, 1979-1989” — nominated by Professor Jonathan Bolton and Professor Alexander Rehding

Knickman, Teresa Anne for her submission titled “More Dead Than Dead: Perceived Mind of the Persistent Vegetative State” — nominated by Professor Daniel Wegner

Kominers, Scott Duke for his submission titled “Weighted Generating Functions and Configuration Results for Type II Lattices and Codes” — nominated by Professor Noam Elkies

Kornbluh, Evan for his submission titled “On the Margins of Nations: Chinese Factional Conflict and the Mexican State, 1911-1931” — nominated by Robert Karl

Laubacher, Grace for her submission titled “The Shock of the (De) Familiar: The Social Importance of Production Design in Julie Taymor’s Titus” — nominated by Professor David Rodowick

Lee, Stella for her submission titled “Thermotactic Navigation and Behavioral Plasticity in Caenorhabditis elegans” — nominated by Professor Aravinthan Samuel

Lei, Ying-Qui-Qi “Chelsea” for her submission titled “A World of Crisis: A Social Theoretic Reflection Through Conceptual Analysis of ‘Crisis’ and Weiji” — nominated by Paulo Barrozo

Leopando, Paul Jeffrey R. for his submission titled “‘Protected by Angels’: Ecology and Spirituality in a North European Intentional Community” — nominated by Professor Sheila Jasanoff

Li, Albert for his submission titled “Structural Studies of TRPV1 Activation by Capsaicin” — nominated by Professor Rachelle Gaudet

Li, Xianlin for her submission titled “Expression of the Ovarian Cancer Side-Population Is Induced by the Presence of Angiogenic Growth Factors” — nominated by Professor David MacLaughlin

Loh, Shi Lin for her submission titled “Commemorating Cities: The Divergent Legacies of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Postwar Japan, 1945 to the 1990s” — nominated by Professor Andrew Gordon and Jeremy Yellen

Lovely, Karen for her submission titled “Issues of Captivity and Conservation Surrounding Pantherine Cats with a Focus on the Lion (Panthera leo) and the Tiger (Panthera tigris)” — nominated by Professor David Haig

Malin, Jennifer for her submission titled “Grace Church” [a documentary film] — nominated by Professor Ross McElwee

Manning, Sara Aviva for her submission titled “The Great Wall of Bacteria: Discovery of Intrinsic Glycan Chain Length Biases in Penicillin-Binding Proteins” — nominated by Professor Daniel Kahne

McEachern, Firth MacKenzie for his submission titled “Dynamical Evolution of the Hungaria Asteroids” — nominated by Professor Sarah Stewart-Mukhopadhyay and Professor Irwin Shapiro

Menand, Lev for his submission titled “Moving the World from a Point Within It: Reinterpreting the Origins of Rational Choice Theory in Nineteenth-Century Economic Thought” — nominated by Professor Richard Tuck

Mendelsohn, Alana for her submission titled “Characterization of Premature Axon Branching in the Developing Mammalian Peripheral Nervous System” — nominated by Professor Jeff Lichtman

Mendy, Ana Ines for her submission titled “The Origins of Dominican Anti-Haitianismo: The Effects of the Haitian Revolution on Dominican National Identity (1791-1801)” — nominated by Professor Vincent Brown

Miller, Christopher for his submission titled “The Bank of England’s Response to Panic in the 19th Century” — nominated by Kathryn Boodry and Professor Charles Maier

Miller, James for his submission titled “Defining Herpes: Pharmaceuticals, Physicians, and Patients in the Post-Antiviral Era” — nominated by Professor Scott Podolsky

Muigai, Wangui for her submission titled “‘The New Emancipation’: Birth Control in the Black Community and the Story of the Harlem Branch Birth Control Clinic” — nominated by Dean Evelynn Hammonds

Nathan, Noah for his submission titled “Institutional Change, Ethnic Identity, and Conflict in Northern Ghana” — nominated by Professor Nahomi Ichino

Nauert, Paul for his submission titled “‘A Hard Glory’: Discovering the Contemporary Catholic Worker Movement’s Alternative Logic of Modernity” — nominated by Timothy McCarthy

Nikolova, Yuliya for her submission titled “The Effects of Naturalistic Stress and Serotonin Transporter (5-HTT) Genotype on Reward Responsiveness: Implications for Depression” — nominated by Professor Diego Pizzagalli and Professor Ryan Bogdan

Owens, Boyce Robert for his submission titled “The Structure of Social Reaction: Critical Response and the Creation of ‘Parsonianism’” — nominated by Professor Andrew Jewett

Ransohoff, Nan for her submission titled “The Religious Underpinnings of Vibrant Civil Societies” — nominated by Professor Robert Putnam

Rasmussen, Daniel for his submission titled “Violent Visions: Slaves, Sugar and the 1811 German Coast Uprising” — nominated by Professor Susan O’Donovan and Daniel Wewers

Redlick, Charles for his submission titled “Average Marginal Tax Rates in the United States: A New Empirical Study of their Predictability and Macroeconomic Effects, 1913 – 2006” — nominated by Professor Robert Barro

Renaud, Julia for her submission titled “Mining the Past: The Culture of History in Virginia City, Nevada” — nominated by Steven Biel

Rossi, Peter Justin for his submission titled “Piracy and Diplomacy in the Mediterranean, 1600-1620” — nominated by Alexander F.M. More

Schachter, Michael for his submission titled “‘The Ten Plagues’ — A Creative Composition for Small Jazz Ensemble” — nominated by Nicholas Vines

Schoefer, Benjamin for his submission titled “Regulation and Taxation: A Complementarity” — nominated by Professor Andrei Shleifer

Serrano, Wilmarie Cidre for her submission titled “From Nursing to Nursing Home: Catalonia’s Changing Language Ideologies” — nominated by Professor Michael Herzfeld

Shah, Shrenik for his submission titled “Framed Deformation and Modularity” — nominated by Professor Richard Taylor

Sheffield, John for his submission titled “The Anatomy of the Iron Fist: Police Violence in Democratic Latin America” — nominated by Professor Steven Levitsky

Singerman, Adam for his submission titled “The Influence of Spanish on the Numeral System of Tz’utujil Maya” — nominated by Professor Gary Urton

Snidow, John James for his submission titled “Rich Land, Rich Country, Poor People: The Effects of Coal Endowment on Income and Local Institutions in the United States” — nominated by Professor Nathan Nunn

Spellberg, Matthew for his submission titled “Art and Dream in Marcel Proust” — nominated by Professor Philip Fisher

Speri, Alice for her submission titled “From the Poet to the People: Resistance, Criticism and Palestinian Identity in the Writing of Mahmoud Darwish” — nominated by Anders Engberg-Pedersen

Srinivas, Megan for her submission titled “Evolution and Malaria: A Battle for Survival” — nominated by Professor Charles Nunn

Taubinsky, Dmitry for his submission titled “Self-Justification and Subjective Updating” — nominated by Professor David Laibson

Tischfield, David for his submission titled “A Role for Retinoid-related Orphan Receptor b (RORb) in Somatosensory Cortex Development” — nominated by Professor Jeffery Macklis

Tramer, Ava for her submission titled “How to Become a Television Writer: Building a Career in an Unstable Labor Market in Hollywood” — nominated by David Ager and Matthew Kalliner

Trowbridge, Sara for her submission titled “Silverb, a Gene Expressed in the Zebrafish Retinal Pigment Epithelium, Is Required for Normal Retinal Lamination and Differentiation” — nominated by Professor John Dowling

Weissbourd, Brandon for his submission titled “Neural Systems Targeted by Imprinted Genes in the Mammalian CNS” — nominated by Professor Catherine Dulac

Wernerfelt, Nils for his submission titled “The Evolution of Cooperation on Dynamic Graphs” — nominated by Corina Tarnita

Wheeler, Adam for his submission titled “The Mapping of an Ideological Demesne: Space, Place, and Text From More to Marvell” — nominated by Suparna Roychoudhury

Xu, Yunxue for her submission titled “The Guizhou, China Campaign to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis: A Case Study of Social Mobilization in Public Health” — nominated by Professor Arthur Kleinman

Yang, Jimmy for his submission titled “Discovery, Synthesis, and Steps Towards Target Identification of the Novel 2-amino-3-hydroxyindole Anti-Malarial Drug Class” — nominated by Professor Jon Clardy

Yao, Norman for his submission titled “Nonlinear Mechanics of Biopolymer Network” — nominated by Professor David Weitz

Young, Charles for his submission titled “My Empty Top Hat: A Memoir” — nominated by Darcy Frey

Zafran, Jarret for his submission titled “Beyond the Breakthrough: Do Campaign Styles Shape How Black Mayors Govern?” — nominated by Daniel Hopkins

Zamore, Leah for her submission titled “We Can No Longer Wait: The UN Refugee Agency and Involuntary Repatriation Refugees” — nominated by Jacqueline Bhabha

Zhulina, Olga for her submission titled “Love Between Languages: Translation in Andreï Makine’s ‘Le testament français’” — nominated by Stephanie Lin