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Police reports

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Following are some of the incidents reported to the Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) for the week ending Dec. 8. The official log is located at 1033 Massachusetts Ave., sixth floor, and is available online at

Dec. 4: The following unattended and unsecured items were stolen at Gund Hall: a Gucci pocketbook, a Coach wallet, credit cards, ID cards, checks, and a cell phone. Officers sent two unwanted guests on their way at 9 Sumner Rd. At the New Research Building, officers were dispatched to take a report of stolen CDs and laboratory equipment. Officers sent an unwanted guest on their way at the Science Center.

Dec. 5: At Hillel, an officer was dispatched to a report of an individual that entered the building in a forceful and unannounced manner. The reporting party stated the individual handed them their resume and left the building. The individual was run for warrants with negative results and the reporting party was advised to contact the HUPD if the individual returned. An Apple laptop computer, case, and power chord were stolen at Pforzheimer House.

Dec. 6: A fire was reported at Quincy House, where a cigarette lit a piece of paper in the trash on fire. Officers report the fire was extinguished and all was in order. At Ellery St. and Massachusetts Ave., an officer assisted the Cambridge Police Department in placing an individual under arrest.

Dec. 7: At Lowell House, officers were dispatched to the report of a threat. The reporting party stated an individual tapped on the window of the reporting party, threatened the resident, and then left the area.

Dec. 8: Officers were dispatched to a report of an individual in Gordon Hall who did not have authorization to be in the building. Officers arrived and after speaking to the individual, issued a trespass warning for all Harvard university property and sent them on their way. At Mt. Auburn and Dewolfe Streets, officers observed an individual walking down the street carrying an axe. Officers spoke to the individual who stated the axe belonged to another individual. After attempting to contact the owner of the axe with negative results, the officers confiscated the axe and sent the individual on their way.