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Harvard welcomes 2008-09 Fulbright Scholars

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Twenty-nine foreign scholars and professionals have been named Fulbright Scholar Program grant recipients for the 2008-09 academic year. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, participating governments, and host institutions in the United States and abroad, these grants allow scholars from across the globe to lecture or conduct research at the University.

The following list of Fulbright Scholars includes each grantees’ title, home institution, research topic, and Harvard School, where applicable.

Giuliana Adamo, lecturer, Department of Italian, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland; “Beginnings and Endings in the Western Literary Canon.”

Dariusz Adamski, assistant professor, Research Center for Legal and Economic Issues of Electronic Communication, Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw, Poland; “Information Technologies and Government Transparency: The Role of the U.S. Law.”

Conrado Adler, fellow, Insibio-Department of Nutrition, National Council of Scientific and Technical Research, Tucuman, Argentina; “Structural and Genetic Characterization of Antibiotics Produced by Environmental Isolates”; Harvard Medical School (HMS).

Yu-Shan Chen, assistant professor, Department of Business Administration, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Touliu, Taiwan; “The Dynamic Influences of Environmental Consciousness and Social Responsibility Upon Concrete Competitive Advantage Under the Changes of the International Environmental Laws”; Harvard Law School.

Souad Eddouada, assistant professor, Department of English, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra, Morocco; “Moroccan Women and the State in the Wake of Reform.”

Hui-Chi Hsu, assistant professor, Department of History, Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan; “Translating the Feminism and Radicalism of Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Emma Goldman in Modern China.”

Sebnem Kaya, assistant professor, Department of English Language and Literature, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey; “Anthony Jansen Van Salee: A Pirate Bridging Distances.”

Sung Do Kim, professor, Department of Linguistics, Korea University, Seoul, Korea; “Graphism, Art, and Language: Comparative Epistemology and Semiotics of Intermediality.”

Anna Laromaine Sague, postdoctoral researcher, Barcelona, Spain; “Oligosaccharides Nanoparticles: Systems With Control at the Nano Scale.”

Carola Lentz, professor, Department of Anthropology and African Studies, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany; “Local Commitments, National Aspirations: The History of an African Elite.”

Cuiyun Li, professor, College of Foreign Languages and Culture, Inner Mongolia University, Inner Mongolia, China; “Upon a Hill and American Ideals: John Winthrop and Roger Williams.”

Chuan Tiong Lim, associate professor, Department of Policy Science and International Relations, Faculty of Law and Letters, University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan; “United States Policy Toward Okinawa in the Early Days of the Postwar Era: The Status of Okinawa and the People’s Self-Identity Formation.”

Tsung-Hsueh Lu, associate professor, Institute of Public Health, College of Medicine, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan; “Are Deaths From Road Crashes a Necessary Toll of Economic Growth? A Case Study of Taiwan and Implications for Road Safety Technology Diffusions”; Harvard School of Public Health.

Vera Luiza, senior researcher, Nucleus of Pharmaceutical Policies, National School of Public Health Sergio Arouca, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; “Pharmaceutical Situation Assessment-From Evidence to Action: Framework for Road Map Building”; HMS.

Abdal Razzaq Moaz, director, Historical Museum of Damascus, Damascus, Syria; “Housing in Damascus During the 17th Century: A View From the City’s Tribunal Court Records.”

Shiho Nishiyama, associate professor, Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Sustainable Society Studies, Yamanashi University, Kofu-Shi, Japan; “Comparative Analysis of the Community Governance Formed by Social Enterprises That Promote Urban Regeneration in Japan and the United States.”

Gayane Novikova, director, Center for Strategic Analysis, Yerevan, Armenia; “South Caucasus: Between Russia and the West.”

Jukka-Pekka Johannes Onnela, research fellow, Physics Department, Said Business School, University of Oxford, Wolfson College, Oxford, United Kingdom; “Statistical Mechanics of Group Formation and Performance”; Harvard Kennedy School (HKS).

Kenneth Pang, research fellow, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Heidelberg, Australia, “Intercellular RNA Transport in Mammals: Function and Significance.”

Aviram Ravitsky, postdoctoral fellow, Department of Jewish Thought, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beersheba, Israel; “Jewish Philosophical-Rabbinical Literature in 14th Century Provence.”

Rosa Maria Rodriguez Izquierdo, professor, Department of Social Sciences, Pablo de Olavide University, Sevilla, Spain; “The Challenge of Intercultural Education in the 21st Century: Discourse and Good Practice”; Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Benoit Roman, research fellow, Department of Physics, Polytechnical College, Paris, France; “A Biomechanic Paradox: How Fungi Pierce a Liquid Interface.”

Anat Rosenthal, teaching assistant, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel; “Access to Health Care Services in Rural Malawi: The Case of the Anti Retro-viral Therapy (ART) Clinics”; HMS.

Jianqing Shen, professor, Department of Chinese, Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing, China; “Eugene O’Neill and China: Traveling Text, Cultural Conflicts and Dialogue.”

Gemma Veitch, doctoral candidate, Department of Chemistry, Imperial College of Science,Technology and Medicine, London, United Kingdom; “The Development of Cascade Strategy for the Synthesis of Complex Molecules.”

Natalia Volchkova, assistant professor, Department of Economics, New Economic School, Moscow, Russia; “Human Capital Distribution and its Effect on Industrial Growth in Resource Rich Economies.”

Lin-Chun Wu, professor, Graduate Institute of Local Studies, National Dong Hwa University, Hualien City, Taiwan; “America’s Industrial Investment in China During the Late 19th and the Early 20th Centuries.”

Ayfer Yalcin, professor, Department of Biochemistry, Ege University, Izmir, Turkey; “Neuroprotective Effect of Y-Glutamylcysteine Ethyl Ester and 12/15 LOX mRNA Expression in the Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion Model of Stroke”; HMS.

Shengchuan Zhao, professor and director, Center for Transportation Research, Dalian University Technology, Dalian, China; “Sustainable Urban Transportation Strategies for Chinese Mega Cities: American Experiences and Chinese Actions”; HKS.