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Herbert C. Kelman receives IPRA Peace Award

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Herbert C. Kelman, the Richard Clarke Cabot Professor of Social Ethics emeritus and co-chair of the Middle East seminar at Harvard University, has received the 2008 Peace Award from the International Peace Research Association (IPRA). The award, honoring the founders of peace research, was announced this past July at IPRA’s global conference in Leuven, Belgium.

Engaged for more than 30 years in efforts toward the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Kelman is a pioneer in the development of interactive problem solving — an unofficial third-party approach to the resolution of international and intercommunal conflicts. His major articles include “International Behavior: A Social-Psychological Analysis,” and “A Time to Speak: On Human Values and Social Research,” as well as his book, “Crimes of Obedience: Toward a Social Psychology of Authority and Responsibility” (with V. Lee Hamilton).

The IPRA is an international nongovernmental organization seeking to advance transdisciplinary research into the conditions of sustainable peace.