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Police reports

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Following are some of the incidents reported to the Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) for the week ending Sept. 22. The official log is located at 1033 Massachusetts Ave., sixth floor, and is available online at

Sept. 18: Officers were dispatched to Holyoke Center and 60 John F. Kennedy St. on reports of unwanted guests. Officers were dispatched to the Littauer Center to take a report of suspicious activity. An iPod Touch was reported stolen from an unattended backpack in Thayer Hall North. At the Palfrey House, an officer assisted the Cambridge Police Department (CPD) with a motor vehicle that was reportedly broken into. Forty medical vials were reported stolen from the Armenise Building 1. Officers were dispatched to Lehman Hall, where an individual’s stolen bicycle was located, but secured with a different lock. The officers assisted in the return of the bicycle. Police responded to a report of two unwanted guests at the Science Center. The officers spoke to the individuals and after finding no warrants, the individuals were sent on their way. At Quincy House, officers were dispatched to a report of a suspicious individual. The suspect was searched, and upon finding a weapon in his possession, the officers placed him under arrest and charged him with trespassing and possession of a dangerous weapon. At the intersection of DeWolfe and Mill streets, officers responded to a report of an individual jumping on motor vehicles. CPD was notified and took over upon arrival.

Sept. 19: An individual was arrested for trespassing at the Taubman Center after officers discovered that he was previously warned. At Emerson Hall, an unattended blue Brooks Brothers blazer was reportedly stolen. Officers were dispatched to the stadium, where a fight was reported to be in progress. After speaking with the individuals, the officers sent them on their way.

Sept. 20: Officers responded to a report of an individual attempting to enter the Longwood Campus Operations building. After speaking with the officers, the individual was sent on their way. At Lowell House, officers removed a group of individuals from the walkway. An officer assisted CPD with a motor vehicle accident on 1 Eliot St. At 285 Harvard St., an officer took a report of fraudulent charges on a credit card. An officer was dispatched to take a report of harassment at Peabody Terrace.

Sept. 21: Officers were dispatched to a report of an individual screaming. The officers searched the area with negative results. At Hamilton Hall, officers responded to a report of an individual receiving harassing phone calls. On 371 Harvard St., an officer assisted CPD in putting out a working fire.

Sept. 22: At the Peabody Terrace garage, police took a report of a stolen car stereo, subwoofers, and tires. An unattended toaster was reported stolen from Baker Library. In Harkness Commons, an unwanted guest was sent on their way. At 1000 Memorial Drive an officer assisted the Massachusetts State Police with a disabled vehicle. At Morgan Hall, an officer was dispatched to take a report after a mountain bicycle damaged a parking gate. A trespass warning for all of Harvard University property was issued to three individuals who were behaving suspiciously at Westengard House. The individuals were then sent on their way.

Since Sept. 18, there have been six bicycles reported stolen.