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MessageMe subscribers must re-register, first-time registrants sought

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Given the convenience and widespread acceptance of text messaging, the University is offering this form of correspondence as another technological solution for communicating with students, faculty, and staff in the event of an extreme emergency on campus. As part of the University Emergency Management Plan, the Harvard community can now sign up to receive text message alerts in addition to traditional methods of notification.

In August 2007, Harvard University rolled out its MessageMe Emergency Notification System. Initial participation in the program has been good, but University administrators hope that all members of the Harvard community will take advantage of this service. MessageMe is an opt-in service that requires annual renewal. To renew a subscription or to enroll in the program, visit The process takes less than a minute.

Harvard community members are encouraged to renew or sign up for this text messaging service in order to facilitate rapid and effective communication throughout the community. Users who elect this option and provide contact information may be assured that all of the information provided is private and will not be shared. A valid Harvard University ID and PIN, or an eCommons ID, is required for access to this service.

As with all methods of communication, text messaging has limitations, so it is important to consider MessageMe as one of many solutions for emergency alerts. A mobile phone is required for registration and must be SMS (text messaging) enabled.