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CHGE releases new ‘Healthy Harvest’ guide

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The Harvard Medical School’s Center for Health and the Global Environment (CHGE) recently published “Healthy Harvest: Regional Food Guides for New England and Mid-Atlantic States.” These comprehensive guides (available at include detailed information about when produce is available regionally both fresh and from storage, as well as food-specific information on varieties, nutritional content, how best to prepare each food item, and tips on how to store the produce. The Healthy Harvest site also includes a growing collection of recipes from some of the nation’s top sustainable cuisine chefs and makes a strong case, both for one’s health and for the environment, about the importance of eating local food in season.

For printed copies of the guide, e-mail the center at or submit a request on Additionally, for a list of upcoming events and appearances sponsored by CHGE, including an Oct. 3 talk at the Museum of Science, visit