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Office for Arts announces spring 2008 grants

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More than 800 students will participate in 27 projects in dance, music, theater, and multidisciplinary genres at Harvard this spring, sponsored in part by the Office for the Arts (OfA) grant program. Grants are designed to foster creative and innovative artistic initiatives among Harvard undergraduates.

The projects, which were selected by the Council on the Arts at Harvard, include cultural events, theater productions, concerts, and dance performances. Funded projects combine artistic merit, artistic experimentation, and educational benefit to undergraduates. They must also provoke a ripple effect within the University, involving the undergraduate population and providing visibility for their artistic efforts.

Council on the Arts members at the time of selection were Julie Buckler (chair), professor of Slavic languages and literatures and director of graduate studies; Elizabeth Bergmann, director, OfA dance program; S. Allen Counter, director, Harvard Foundation; Deborah Foster, senior lecturer in folklore and mythology; Jorie Graham, Boylston Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory; Cathleen McCormick, program director, OfA; Jack Megan, director, OfA; Nancy Mitchnick, Rudolf Arnheim Lecturer on Studio Arts, Visual and Environmental Studies; Robb Moss, Rudolf Arnheim Lecturer on Filmmaking and director of undergraduate studies; Robert J. Orchard, managing director, Loeb Drama Center and the American Repertory Theatre; Carol Oja, William Powell Mason Professor of Music; Marcus Stern, associate director, American Repertory Theatre and the A.R.T./MXAT Institute for Advanced Theatre Training; and John Stewart, senior preceptor in music.

The OfA, which administers the grants, also offers grants for projects taking place during Arts First 2008, Harvard’s annual celebration of the arts. For further information, visit

Crimson Dance Team in Concert 2008, Samantha Yu ’11: Solomon Grant for a concert featuring a wide range of dance styles, from ballet to tap, lyrical, cultural, and modern, as well as student-choreographed pieces.

Harvard Ballet Company, spring performance, Jessica Becker ’09: Esther Kahn Grant for a performance showcasing evolving ballet forms, from classical to contemporary.

Mainly Jazz Dance Company, spring show, Taylor Owings ’08: Eckstein Lipson Grant for a concert featuring choreography from classic Broadway and other musical theater hits to student-choreographed pieces.

Harvard-Radcliffe Dance Company, spring performance, Elizabeth Miller ’09: Solomon Grant for the company’s annual spring concert including works by student choreographers as well as professionally commissioned pieces.

TAPS Spring 2008 Show, Kathleen Golden ’10: OfA Grant for the spring performance of various tap art forms such as Broadway, Irish, and hip-hop styles.

“To Touch,” Madelyn Ho ’08: Esther Kahn Grant for a modern collaboration of dance and music that explores the relationships between people and art forms, choreographed to Ravel’s “Le Tombeau de Couperin.”

The Harvard Cinematic, annual film review, Stephanie O’Rourke ’08: OfA Grant for an issue that provides a review of trends and innovations in remarkable movies, including independent and international works, for the year.

Harvard Book Review, spring issue, Sara Heukerott ’08: OfA Grant for the publication of a wide-ranging collection of student literary reviews.

“The Gamut,” annual issue, Catherine Powell ’08: OfA Grant for a student publication devoted entirely to poetry.

“Tract Magazine,” spring issue, Rebecca Vitale ’10: Solomon Grant for a journal exploring the interplay between science, culture, and the arts, which showcases science in light of literature and the arts.

“Tuesday Magazine,” spring issue, Andréa Jonas ’08: OfA Grant for a publication providing a forum for student essays, fiction, and poetry, as well as opinion pieces and artwork.

The 11th Annual Dr. Walter J. Leonard Black Arts Festival, the Kuumba Singers, Sarah Anoke ’09: Solomon Grant for a festival showcasing various art forms including dance, spoken word, artwork, film, song, theater, and graphic media in a celebration of the artistic tradition of the African diaspora.

“Marshmallowtopias,” Alexandra Hays ’09: Solomon Grant for an installation and performance piece (on ice) that negotiates the role of recreation in visual art, utopias, tactility, and the boundaries of art and athleticism at Harvard.

“Così Fan Tutte,” Dunster House Opera, Catherine Powell ’08: OfA Grant for a production of one of Mozart’s best-loved works.

Mozart Society Orchestra concert, Julia Ye ’10: Solomon Grant for the orchestra’s annual spring concert.

Brattle Street Chamber Players, spring concert, Zachary Taxin ’09: OfA Grant for a concert that features a diverse range of periods and styles, including student compositions.

Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum Chamber Singers, spring concert, Shai Bronshtein ’09: Solomon Grant for a concert of early Renaissance and Medieval music.

Bach Society Orchestra, spring concerts, Beverly Chu ’09: Kahn Grant for the orchestra’s spring season performances, including works of Stravinsky, Shostakovich, and Tchaikovsky.

The Dean Archie C. Epps Spring Concert, the Kuumba Singers, Andrea Tyler ’10: OfA Grant for the annual spring concert.

“Pops Goes Wild (Pops Goes to the Zoo),” the Harvard Pops Orchestra, Yuan Liu ’09: Solomon Grant for a performance of popular modern music, including themes from “Jurassic Park,” “The Lion King,” and “The Jungle Book.”

“Timeless Jewels,” Harvard Wind Ensemble, Veronika Bordas ’10: OfA Grant for a concert highlighting works that have become staples of the wind band genre, including pieces by Persichetti, Holst, and Schoenberg.

Mariachi Veritas de Harvard, spring concert, Yening Qin ’10: OfA Grant for a concert featuring guest singers from the Harvard undergraduate community.

“Turandot,” Lowell House Opera, Brittany Turner ’10: OfA Grant for the 70th annual Lowell House Opera production of Puccini’s final opera, including appearances from Harvard Kung Fu and the Asian American Dance Troupe.

“A Little Night Yiddish: A Yiddish Theater Revue,” Story Time Players, Rory Sullivan ’09: Timothy S. Mayer Grant for a revue of Yiddish theater, vaudeville, and traditional Yiddish folk songs with an original script by Laura Togut ’08.

“Arabian Nights — The Magnificent Mather: A Genie’s Tale,” Jessica Ma ‘09: Herbert T. Cobey ’39 Grant for original student theater performed at local children’s hospitals.

The Schoolhouse Rock Live Players, Nicholas Commins ’09: Timothy S. Mayer Grant for a musical based on the popular 1970s educational TV series that will tour throughout local community schools.

“Adelphoe,” Harvard Classical Club, Mary Ellen Stebbins ’08: Herbert T. Cobey ’39 Grant for a production of the Latin comedy by Terence.

“Three Top Hats,” Harvard College TEATRO!, Maria Chicuen ’10: Timothy S. Mayer Grant for the Boston-area premiere of this popular Spanish piece.

Freshman musical, Charlotte Austin ’11: OfA Grant for the annual freshman production.

“The Wiz,” BlackCAST, Camille Mason ’10: Eckstein Lipson Grant for a production of the 1970s Broadway musical classic.

“That Thing!,” Jenny Wanger ’09: Solomon Grant for biweekly opportunities for student artists to come together and make art in the Adams House Art Space. The project culminates in an exhibit of the students’ work.