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Police reports

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Following are some of the incidents reported to the Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) for the week ending Feb. 4. The official log is located at 1033 Massachusetts Ave., sixth floor, and is available online at

Jan. 31: Unattended copper piping valued at $350 was reported stolen from Pierce Hall. Officers were dispatched to Hastings Hall on a report of property damage. The reporting individual stated that when they returned to their residence they observed a broken window, chips on the floor, and rum missing from a bottle. At the Science Center, officers observed an individual loitering. The individual was interviewed and run for warrants with negative results before being found to have an active trespass warning for all University property. The individual was placed under arrest and charged with trespassing.

Feb. 1: An officer took a report of suspicious e-mail received at Ludcke House. Vandalism to a motor vehicle was reported in the Countway Library lot. Tires in the front and rear passenger side were reported slashed.