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Police reports

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Following are some of the incidents reported to the Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) for the week ending Dec. 3. The official log is located at 1033 Massachusetts Ave., sixth floor, and is available online at

Nov. 29: An officer was dispatched to a report of a fire in a trash container outside 1 Peabody St. The officer extinguished the fire. The Cambridge Fire Department (CFD) arrived on the scene and pulled out and soaked the contents of the container. CFD personnel observed a can of charcoal lighter. HUPD officers took possession of the can. Officers were dispatched to the New Research Building on a report of an individual in need of medical assistance. Prior to their arrival the officers were notified that the individual was unconscious and not breathing. Along with members of the Boston Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services, the officers checked the individual’s vital signs with negative results. The medical examiner arrived at the scene, pronounced the individual dead, and removed the body from the premises.

Nov. 30: Two unattended sets of keys were reported stolen from William James Hall. Officers were dispatched on a report of a suspicious individual inside Gund Hall. Officers arrived and searched the building with negative results before being informed that the same individual was seen attempting to steal a backpack in the basement of the Biology Lab. After a search, the officers located the individual and conducted a field interview. The individual was run for warrants with negative results. The individual was then identified by the reporting party who stated that they observed the individual take the backpack and drop it when confronted. The owner of the backpack was on the scene and informed the officers that a Swiss Army watch was stolen from the desk of another individual. The individual was then placed under arrest and found to be in possesion of the Swiss Army watch. A laptop was reported stolen from 15 Oxford St. A book bag containing several items was reported stolen from Yenching Library. Three chapters from a book were reported stolen at Widener Library. A light pole on Western Avenue was reported damaged.

Dec. 1: At Harvard and Prescott streets, officers assisted CPD in a search of the area for a suspect wanted in connection with an assault. The victim is not affiliated with the University. A digital camera was reported stolen from 2 Garden St. Officers were later dispatched to that address on a report of four broken windows. Officers arrived, along with CPD, which then took over the scene.

Dec. 2: An unattended pocketbook containing credit cards, keys, and an ID was reported stolen from Moors Hall. An officer took a report of a past indecent assault and battery at one of the River Houses. The officers were dispatched to Aldrich Hall on a report of a theft in progress. The officers arrived and located two individuals that fit the description provided by the reporting party. The officers spoke with the two individuals who stated that they were walking through the building as a shortcut. The individuals also stated that it was a third individual who had been with them who had stolen something from the building. The officers then located the third individual who showed the officers what they had stolen. The officers observed a blue quilted bag that contained a laptop. The individuals were also found to be in posession of a class D substance. Each individual was sent on their way with a trespass warning and each was informed that complaints will be sought against them.

Dec. 3: An officer was dispatched to Pierce Hall to take a report of 400 feet of copper valued at $1,400 that was stolen. Cash in the amount of $150 and $200 was reported stolen from 28 Fernald Drive and 8 Mt. Auburn St., respectively. Two unattended water heaters were reported stolen from 215 Holden St.