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Phi Beta Kappa elects 48 seniors

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The following seniors, listed below by their Houses, were nominated to Phi Beta Kappa (PBK) in the latest round of elections, held this past November.

Adams House
Benjamin Jiawei Lee, biology; Allen James Pope, chemistry; Tony Dahao Qian, literature; Amanda Lee Willis, psychology; and Rocksheng Zhong, psychology

Cabot House
Erika Christine Helgen, Romance languages and literature; Tin-Yun Timothy Ho, applied math; Alyssa Elizabeth Stimson King, social studies; Ajay Ganesh Kumar, social studies; Yin Li, biochemical sciences, Paul Peter Linden-Retek, social studies; and Andy Han Yuan, biology

Dunster House
Elena Yudovina, math; and Yoshitaka Yamamoto, literature

Eliot House
Harrison Ross Greenbaum, psychology; Samantha Lauren Groden, government; Adam Michael Guren, economics; Amy Patricia Heinzerling, environmental science and public policy; Anthony John Inguaggiato, government; Catherine Lin Vaughan, history and literature; and Crystal Yang, economics

Kirkland House
Bradford James Diephuis, engineering sciences; Stephen Ho, chemistry; Rohan Kekre, applied math; Luke Xiru Li, economics, Taylor Mayly Owings, economics; and Aadhithi Padmanabhan, religion

Leverett House
Joyce Chun-Ling Chang, biochemical sciences; Matthew Ryan McFarlane, biochemical sciences; and Mark Abraham Shepard, applied math

Lowell House
Marco Perry Basile, social studies; David Jiang, economics; Karan Lodha, government; Adam Emanuel Adatto Sandel, government

Mather House
Eva Lopatin Dickerman, history; Meike Katharina Schallert, government; and Yen-whei Shih, linguistics

Pforzheimer House
Nicholas Christian Hayes, social studies; Miriam Reisner Hinman, chemistry; and Kathleen Elizabeth Jacobs, biochemical sciences

Quincy House
Eli Osterweil Anders, social studies; Frederic Nolan Clark, history and literature; Elizabeth Maryanne Grosso, social studies; Samuel Conrad Scott, history; and Melissa Yuwono Tjota, biochemical sciences

Winthrop House
Maureen Eleise Boyle, history; Ecaterina Ruth Burton, psychology; and David Kautsky Hausman, social studies