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Police reports

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Following are some of the incidents reported to the Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) for the week ending Oct. 22. The official log is located at 1033 Massachusetts Ave., sixth floor, and is available online at

Oct. 18: A mountain bike was reported stolen from Perkins Hall. At 79 N. Harvard St., an officer took a report of large scratches and dents that were observed on a motor vehicle. An unattended laptop and charger were reported stolen from Quincy House. A wallet containing $45 cash, credit cards, a license, and a passport was reported stolen from Sanders Theatre.

Oct. 19: Officers were dispatched to Gund Hall on the report of a suspicious individual. Officers arrived and observed a male who fit the description supplied by the reporting party. Officers observed the individual pacing back and forth, and when the officers approached, he began to walk away. A field interview was conducted and the individual was found to be in possession of a pellet gun. The individual was placed under arrest for trespassing, possessing a dangerous weapon, and carrying a weapon on a school ground. A pair of sweatpants containing an ID and a key was reported stolen at Ohiri Field. Mountain bikes were reported stolen from the Tosteson Medical Education Center and Mallinckrodt Lab.

Oct. 20: An individual approached officers at the stadium to report that there was a person on the premises with a knife. The officers questioned a group of individuals who replied that they weren’t in possession of a knife and voluntarily emptied their pockets. One of the individuals in the group then informed officers that an unknown person had punched him in the face. The individual refused medical attention. A key ring was reported stolen from 7 Divinity Ave. A report of a cut cable lock and stolen bike was filed at Harvard Hall.

Oct. 21: At 20 DeWolfe St., a digital camera, $40 cash, a pair of sunglasses, an iPod, and a watch were reported stolen. The officer then took a second report from another individual who stated that their computer and charger had been stolen.

Oct. 22: An unsecured laptop computer, laptop docking station, and two iPods were reported stolen from Pforzheimer House. A laptop computer was reported stolen from Lowell House. An officer was dispatched to 125 Western Ave. in Allston to take a report of a theft. The reporting individual stated that they had observed an electrical panel that had been left open and the power cables and grounding bus bars inside the panel had been cut and removed. The officer also observed two broken saw blades on the floor. Additionally, the reporting individual stated that power cables from the electrical panel on the west side of the building had also been cut and removed.