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Hoopes Prize winners for ’07 are announced

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More than 70 Harvard College seniors have been named Thomas T. Hoopes Prize winners for outstanding scholarly work or research. The prize is funded by the estate of Thomas T. Hoopes ’19. The recipients, including their research and advisers, are as follows:

Thomas Beatty for his submission “Predicting the Detection Rates of Transiting Hot Jupiters and Very Hot Jupiters in Wide-field Photometric Surveys” — Bernard Scott Gaudi

Alexander Bevilacqua for his submission “Neo-Kantian Visions of Europe: The Origins of Contemporary European Ideology in France, Germany, and Austria, 1914-1933” — Peter E. Gordon

Joshua Henry Billings for his submission “Misreading the Chorus: Nietzsche’s ‘Geburt der Tragodie’ as Methodological Critique” — John Hamilton and Albert Henrichs

Michael Broukhim for his submission “Bidding Up Labor Standards: Ethical Consumption and an eBay Field Experiment in Social Labeling” — Michael Hiscox

Paul Broyles for his submission “Translating the Past: Visions of History and Historiography in the Bruts of Wace and Lagamon” — Daniel Donoghue and Virginie Greene

Alexa Bush for her submission “435 Riverside Ave.” — Robb Moss

Claire Catenaccio for her submission “The Ancient Wrong: Lameness in the Myths of Hephaestus, Oedipus, and Philoctetes” — Albert Henrichs

Casey Cep for her submission “Tributaries” — Jamaica Kincaid

Frankie Chen for his submission “A Study of Language and Thought: Object-Substance Interpretation Among the Tsotsil Mayan” — Susan Carey and Peggy Li

Florin Dragos Ciocan for his submission “Constructions and Characterizations of Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge” — Salil Vadan

Rowan W. Dorin for “Merchants, Mariners, and Micro-Ecologies: Trade Networks in the Adriatic Sea, 1100-1260” — Angeliki E. Laiou

Stephen Fee for his submission “On the Margins: The Revitalization of Jewish Communal Life in Contemporary Poland” — Kathrin Zippel

Lief Fenno for his submission “A Cell-Based Model for Parkinson’s Disease” — Doug Melton and Chad Cowan

Aline Flodr for her submission “To Be or Not to Be Ill: How Choosing Labels Affects Physical, Emotional, and Mental Symptoms” — Shelley Carson and Ellen Langer

Anna Fogel for her submission “Marcus Garvey Village: Towards a New Housing Prototype” — Neil Levine

Rachel Garwin for her submission “The Importance of Being Wild: Dam Removal in the United States” — Sheila Jasanoff

Tatyana Gershkovich for her submission “The Tonality of Time: Sound and Transcendence in Nabokov’s Fiction” — Justin Weir

Jennifer Gong for her submission “Inequalities in Diet and Health During the Intensification of Agriculture in Neolithic China” — Rowan Flad

Rachel Greenblatt for her submission “A Genomic Copy Number Variation Study in Autism Spectrum Disorder” — Christopher A. Walsh

Sasha Harris-Lovett for her submission “From Whaling to Whale Watching: Human Interaction With Whales in Coastal Massachusetts, 1820-1992” — John Mathew

Margaret Harrison for her submission “The Gaelic Waulking Songs of Mairi Nighean Alasdair: A Preliminary Translation and Classification With a Discussion of Voice and Gender” — Barbara Hillers

Jeremy Hartman for his submission “Focus, Deletion, and Identity: Investigations of Ellipsis in English” — Cedric Boeckx

Alexandra Harwin for her submission “Occupation Houseworker: Second-Wave Evaluations of Housewifery, 1963-1981” — Nancy Cott

Daniel Hemel for his submission “Picking Up the Peaces: Democratic Norms, Structural Constraints, and International Conflict” — Michael Hiscox

Brian T. Ho for his submission “Chromosome Mobility Varies Throughout the Escherichia Coli Cell Cycle” — Nancy Kleckner

Li-Wen Huang for her submission “The Effect of a Brief Daytime Nap on the Consolidation of Declarative Memory” — Jessica Payne

Casiana Ionita for her submission “The Greatest Show on Earth: Staging Authorship at the Circus” — Jacob Emery

Amy Klein for her submission “The Opposite World” — Peter Richards

Jinu Koola for her submission “Should I Stay or Should I Go? (And Should I Send Back Money?)” — Jeffrey Gale Williamson

Nicole Ledoux for her submission “Reconstructing the Biological Relationships Among Prehistoric Populations of the American Southwest Using Cranial Nonmetric Traits” — Steven LeBlanc and Michele Morgan

Hana Lee for her submission “Array-Based High-Resolution Genotyping of Recombinant Inbred Lines for Quantitative Trait Loci Analysis” — Christine Queitsch

Richard M. Lee for his submission “From French Modernization to European Integration: Jean Monnet, Economic Planning, and the Origins of the Schuman Plan, 1946-1951” — Charles Maier

Danielle Renee Lehle for her submission “Geometry and Slip History of the Compton Thrust Fault: Implications for Earthquake Hazard Assessment” — John Shaw

Mark Lipson for his submission “Differential and Graphical Approaches to Multi-Stability in Chemical Reaction Networks” — Clifford Taubes and Jeremy Gunawardena

Fan Liu for her submission “The Establishment and Characterization of the Human Hematopoietic Stem Cell Niche Within a SCID-hu Mouse Model” — Gregor B. Adams

Jeremiah Lowin for his submission “The Fourier Copula: Theory and Applications” — Rustam Ibragimov

Alisa Mueller for “I. Structural and Mechanistic Studies of TadA, an Adenosine Deaminase That Acts on tRNA II. Structural and Biochemical Analysis of the C-terminal Domain of UvrC, a DNA Damage Repair Enzyme” — Gregory Verdine

Matthew Naunheim for his submission “Pushing the ‘Pleasure Button’: Electric Brain Stimulation’s Reshaping of the Theory, Ideology, and Praxis of Pleasure, 1950-1980” — Aaron Mauck

Xin Wei Ngiam for her submission “Individual Responsibility and Systemic Injustice” — Eric Beerbohm

Rachel Nolan for her submission “Wrap th’ Green Flag Round Me’: Irish Republican Rhetoric in Sean O’Casey’s ‘Kathleen Listens In’” — Sharon Howell

Tracy Nowski for her submission “The Inviability of Balance: Performing Female Political Candidacy” — Robin Bernstein

Olundamini Ogunnaike for his submission “The Language of Prejudice: The Influence of Language on Implicit Attitudes” — Mahzarin Banaji

Joshua Patashnik for his submission “Pretty Prudent Partisans: Polarization in American Public Opinion on the Use of Military Force, 1980-1999” — Daniel Hopkins

Dobromir Rahnev for his submission “Conjoint Analysis: A New Method for Investigating Stereotypes” — Max Bazerman and Mahzarin Banaji

Ravi P. Ramchandani for his submission “New and Uncertain Policies: The Development of Colonial Regulation in Late Eighteenth Century Madras” — Sana Aiyar

Alexander Rothman for his submission “Mother Tongue” — Jorie Graham

Benjamin Sack for his submission “Cubism as Canting: Picasso’s ‘La Grenade’” — Benjamin H.D. Buchloh

Georgina Sanchez for her submission “Diary: 07-09-06 to 03-10-07” — Chris Killip

Shayak Sarkar for his submission “Without Homework, Without Homes: The Effect of the 1987 McKinney-Vento Act on America’s Homeless Children” — Richard Freeman

Michael Schor for his submission “The Returns to Activist Investing: Evidence from 13D Filings” — Robin Greenwood

Erik Schultink for his submission “Economic Approaches to Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning” — David Parkes

Currun Singh for his submission “Rock the Casbah: Echoes of Colonialism in Parisian Cultural Politics and the Urban Soundscapes of Goutte d’Or” — Nicole Newendorp

Kaloyan Slavov for his submission “Gross-Stark Units for Totally Real Number Fields” — Samit Dasgupta

Rachel Stern for her submission “‘This Is Solidarity,’ Not Biomedicine: The Common Ground Health Clinic and Discursive Intervention in Racial and Ethnic Health Inequities” — Claudia Castaneda

Adam Strich for his submission “Paul, Palestinian Judaism, the Popular Philosophers, and the Law” — Jon D. Levenson and Gisela Striker

Patrick Suehnholz for his submission “‘I Go to Wake the Dead’: Howard Crosby Butler and the Excavation of Sardis” — Betsey Robinson

Irene Yuan Sun for her submission “Population as Discourse: Medicine in Late Colonial Kenya” — Sarah Jansen

Nicole Townsend for her submission “Not Gonna Crack? The Unlikely Story of How Lithium Broke Into Modern Psychiatry” — Kevin Stoller

Chau Tran for her submission “Investigating the Role of STAT3 in Pancreatic Cancer” — David Frank

Lindsay Turner for her submission “The Watched Sky” — Jorie Graham

Emily Vasiliauskas for her submission “‘Blessed Art Thou, No One’: Ineffability, Pronouns, and the Poetics of Witnessing in Paul Celan” — Christopher Johnson

Elise Wang for her submission “Facing the Empress: Modern Representations of Women, Power, and Ideology in Dynastic China” — Michael Puett and Ryan Overbey

Moira Weigel for her submission “Holding the Hohlspiegel up to Nature: Crises of Reading, Reflection, and Inheritance in Shakespeare and Kleist” — Marjorie Garber and Oliver Simons

Stephen Wertheim for his submission titled “The League That Wasn’t: Theodore Roosevelt, Elihu Root, William Howard Taft, and a Legalist League of Nations, 1914-1920” — Robert David Johnson

Jeanette Wickelgren for her submission “Vocal Plasticity and Pattern Extraction in a Non-Human Primate” — Marc Hauser and Florian Engert

Tom Wickman for his submission “The ‘Free Dollar’: Money and the Imagination of Freedom in Fugitive Slave Autobiographies” — John Tessitore

Catherine Willemin for her submission “Concord Park: The Creation of an Interracial Postwar Suburb” — Louis Hyman

Michael Wilson for his submission “Challenges Facing the Development of the Athabasca Oil Sands” — Daniel Schrag

Molly Wilson-Murphy for her submission “Attachment, Transitional Objects, and Borderline Personality Disorder: Positive Findings for the ‘Positive Bear Sign’” — Jill Hooley

Lauren Wolchok for her submission “Novel Assemblages and Variable Extractability of Geochemically Significant Triterpenoids in Unusual Microbes” — Ann Pearson

Alexander Wolitzky for his submission “Fully Sincere Voting” — Jerry Green

Travis Woods for his submission “Same As You (Two-Channel Video Installation)” — D.N. Rodowick and Gina Kim

Vijay Yanamadala for his submission “A Novel Galpha 12-Mediated Apoptosis Pathway and Its Potential Implications in the Development of Polycystic Kidney Disease” — Bradley Denker

Chris Yetter for his submission “‘Hey, did you vote?’: A Social Learning Explanation of Voter Turnout” — Markus Mobius

Abraham Zamcheck for his submission “Seizing the Future and Shunning the Dead: Funeral Reform in Rural Wenzhou” — Henrietta Harrison

Yi-Chen Lilly Zhang for her submission “NFAT Induces a Transcriptional Program of T Cell Anergy That Is Functionally Distinct from Regulatory T Cell Suppression” — Anjana Rao

Haoqi Zhang for his submission “Policy Teaching Through Reward Function Learning” — David Parkes

The following students have been named Hoopes Prize honorable mentions:

Leah Blank for her submission “Transcription Factor Networks and Signaling: A Molecular Analysis of Lung Development” — Douglas Melton

Jaclyn Hatala for her submission “Hyperspectral Spatial Analysis of Pathogen-Induced Mortality in Whitebark Pine (pinus albicaulis) within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem” — Paul Moorcroft

Goutham Seshadri for his submission “Consanguinity on Weighted Digraphs” — Martin Nowak