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Honorary degree recipients and citations, 2007

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Three women and six men received honorary degrees at Harvard’s 356th Commencement. President Derek Bok read the citations.

Daniel Aaron, Doctor of Letters
A man of good hope who speaks to the conscience; an exemplary Americanist whose unassuming erudition joins literature and history in a more perfect union.

Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Doctor of Science
An ingenious astrophysicist surveying galaxies with a sense of wonder; she espied something rare in the pulse of strange stars and so solved a cosmic conunudrum.

William H. Gates III, Doctor of Laws
A hard-driving visionary and icon of entrepreneurship whose prescience has propelled the digital era and whose largesse brings new hope to people in need.

Conrad K. Harper, Doctor of Laws
Cosmopolitan counselor, bibliophilic barrister, as conversant with Jane Austen as with Austin Hall; his perspicacity, prudence, and devotion to justice have enriched the worlds of law and learning.

William Felton ‘Bill’ Russell, Doctor of Laws
A Rembrandt of roundball whose championship rings are enough to outnumber his fingers; a peerless team player whose skill and tenacity led even his strongest foes to wilt.

Joan Wallach Scott, Doctor of Laws
Vividly illumining the interplay of differences, unveiling the intricacies of politics and power, she has shown how gender shapes history’s course, while deftly expounding the scholar’s ideals.

Robert B. Silvers, Doctor of Letters
Incisive and indefatigable editor extraordinaire whose spirit infuses an indispensable journal; an estimable polymath and exacting craftsman who elevates the expression of vital ideas.

Lawrence H. Summers, Doctor of Laws
An eminent academic and public servant whose intellect and energy help animate the global economy; a bold university leader whose aims and ideas have pointed Harvard toward high aspirations ahead.

Karen K. Uhlenbeck, Doctor of Science
Spanning geometry, topology, analysis, and physics, a broad-gauged scholar and inspiring mentor whose manifold mathematical talents know few equals.