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Reischauer’s grant, internship recipients

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The Edwin O. Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies has announced its support of 73 undergraduate travel grants/internships and 51 graduate student grants for travel or dissertation research/completion.

Undergraduate Awards: Summer research travel grants

Sakura Christmas ’08, history, “Japanese Colonial Policy towards Russian Refugees and Indigenous Peoples in Manchuria (1900-1945)”

Philip Hafferty ’08, East Asian studies, “The Cause and Effect of Modern Citizen Protests of American Military Bases in Okinawa”

Wright Hunter McDonald ’08, East Asian studies, “Japan’s ‘Livedoor Shock’ of 2006: Proper Penalization or Backlash against Market Capitalism”

Summer language grants

Ning Ai ’09, economics, Princeton in Ishikawa program

Shinn Chen ’09, economics, Hokkaido International Foundation Japanese Language program

Jiachen Sun ’09, economics, East Asian studies, Princeton in Ishikawa program

Stephen Wolff ’08, mathematics, Hokkaido International Foundation Japanese Language program

Allison Hsiang ’08, chemistry, Freeman Foundation Hokkaido International Foundation Japanese Language program

Vincent Oletu ’09, engineering sciences, Freeman Foundation Hokkaido International Foundation Japanese Language program

Summer Internships

James Alexander ’10, social studies, Nakashima Propeller Corp. (Okayama, Japan)

Jihoon Paul Baek ’08, psychology, BMG Japan (Tokyo)

David Biery ’09, economics, applied mathematics, Research Institute for Economy, Trade, and Industry (Tokyo)

Stephanie Brinton ’10, concentration undeclared, Showa Women’s University (Tokyo)

Debbie Chiang ’09, East Asian studies, Toei Animation (Tokyo)

Mathieu Desruisseaux ’07, government, Deutsche Bank Group (Tokyo)

Daniel Disario ’08, English, Temple University (Tokyo)

Jennifer Esch ’09, molecular and cellular biology, Riken Brain Science Institute (Saitama, Japan)

Eike Exner ’08, literature, German East Asiatic Society (Tokyo)

Kyle Hecht ’10, economics, visual and environmental studies, Tokyo Gas

Bartholomew Horn ’07, physics, mathematics, University of Tokyo Physics Lab (Tokyo)

Marcus Janke ’08, East Asian studies, Rep. Nagashima Akihisa’s office, Democratic Party of Japan (Tokyo)

Andrew Jing ’08, government, East Asian Studies, Shinsei Bank Ltd. (Tokyo)

Edward Jou ’08, applied mathematics, Grand Hyatt Hotel (Tokyo)

Keyman Dennie Kim ’07, biology, Muryokoin Temple (Wakayama, Japan)

Michael Kohen ’09, biomedical engineering, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (Tokyo)

Jimmy Li ’09, neurobiology, Riken Brain Science Institute (Saitama, Japan)

Dimitar Milenkov ’09, economics, Chugoku Bank (Okayama, Japan)

Yohsuke Miyamoto ’09, physics, University of Tokyo Physics Lab

David Mou ’08, neurobiology, Riken Brain Science Institute (Saitama, Japan)

Palmer Rampell ’10, concentration undeclared, Okayama Science University (Okayama, Japan)

David Rice ’10, visual and environmental studies, Manual of Errors Artists Inc. (Tokyo)

John Selig ’09, East Asian studies, Waseda University (Tokyo)

Rachel Staum ’09, East Asian studies, Princeton in Ishikawa Intern to Kanazawa Education Center (Kanazawa, Japan)

Alice Thieu ’09, East Asian studies, Nikko Citigroup Ltd. (Tokyo)

Sara Trowbridge ’09, neurobiology, Riken Brain Science Institute (Saitama, Japan)

Timothy Turner ’09, economics, Maruha Group Inc. (Tokyo)

Christina Ward ’09, East Asian studies, Japan External Trade Organization (Tokyo)

Sarah Weisberg ’08, linguistics, University of Tokyo Sakai Research Lab (Tokyo)

Liang Yin ’09, computer science, Jyukankyo Research Institute (Tokyo)

Betty Zhang ’10, East Asian studies, economics, Showa Women’s University (Tokyo)

Harvard Summer School at Waseda University, Tokyo

Estelle Eonnet ’08, visual and environmental studies and anthropology; Seth Herbst ’08, English and American literature and language, music; Beier Ko ’09, anthropology; Quynh Trang Nguyen ’10, concentration undeclared; Daniel Oshima ’10, concentration undeclared; Manuel Rincon-Cruz ’09, philosophy; Tsering Sherpa ’10, concentration undeclared; Cameron Spickert ’10, concentration undeclared; and Katerina Stavreva ’10, concentration undeclared

Academic year study abroad

Colleen Carlson ’08, biology, Kyoto University; Margaret Klein ’08, East Asian studies, Sophia University; May Luo ’08, East Asian studies, economics, Sophia University; Nitipat Pholchai ’07, engineering sciences, Kyoto University; Regina Bediako ’08, East Asian studies, Sophia University; and Keone Nakoa ’08, economics, Sophia University

Study travel

Kousha Bautista-Saeyan ’08, social studies; In-Kyung Chae ’09, history; Sandra Di Capua ’07, Romance language and literatures; Tiffany Finch ’09, history; Hayley Fink ’08, Earth and planetary sciences; Anqui Huang ’07, computer science; Yao Huang ’08, economics; Marcus Janke ’08, East Asian studies; Adam Jasienski ’08, history of art and architecture; Nadira Lalji ’09, government; Ivy Lee ’09, economics; Lin Ting Li ’08, social studies; Matt Naunheim ’07, history of science; Laura Northrop ’09, social studies; Tracy Nowski ’07, studies in women, gender, and sexuality; Hai Pham ’09, economics; Barbara Sabat ’07, government; and Nancy Xu Yang ’09, East Asian studies

Graduate Student Awards: Supplementary Dissertation Completion/Research Grants for 2007-08

Jeffrey Kurashige, East Asian Languages and Civilizations (EALC), “Salaried Samurai? The Kashindan Retainer Corps and the Transformation of the Socio-Economic Order of Warring States Japan”

Natsuko Kuwahara, Graduate School of Education, “Gendered Race and Racialized Gender: Gendered Acculturation of Japanese Graduate Students in the U.S.”

Sukhee Lee, EALC, “Negotiated Power: The State and Elites in 12th-14th Century Ningbo”

Motokazu Matsutani, EALC, “The Japanese Christian Missionary Activities in Colonial Korea and Japanese-Korean Christian Network: Its Origin, Development, and Historical Significance”

Hiromu Nagahara, history, “When Songs Became Popular: Japanese Music Industry and the Making of a Media Saturated Society, 1920-1950”

Kasumi Yamashita, anthropology, Exhibiting Diaspora: Narrating the History of Japanese Migration to Brazil”

Summer research grants

Ethan Bushelle, Regional Studies-East Asia, “Waka-mantra Theory and the Problematic of the Practice of Poetry and Its Relation to Buddhist Discourse on Language”

Christopher Callahan, religion, “Re-presenting Shinran: Narrative, Ritual and Material Practice in Medieval Shin Buddhism”

Amy Catalinac, government, “Japan’s 1994 Electoral Reforms: The Impact of Electoral Incentives on the Consideration Given to National-Level Issues Such as Security and Defense”

William Fleming, EALC, “The Joint Rangaku-Gesaku Circles of the late 18th Century and the Firefighters of Edo as Agents of the Deployment of Technology, Popular Cultural Figures, and Objects of Veneration and Satire”

Regan Murphy, religion, “Two Buddhists’ (Keichu and Jiun) to the Changing Intellectual Climate of the Edo Period”

Youngwook Ryu, government, “Survey of the Japanese Political Elites’ Views of Key International Relations Issues”

Jonathon Schlesinger, EALC, “Social and Cultural Change along Manchuria’s Inner Asian Frontier, 1760-1911”

Jiyeoun Song, government, “Wage Coordination, Labor Competition, and the Politics of Labor Adjustment in Japan and Korea”

Fumitaka Wakamatsu, anthropology, “Japan’s Scientific Whaling: Ecology, Science and Cultural Nationalism”

Summer language study grants for doctoral students

Alex Bueno, Graduate School of Design, Princeton in Ishikawa program; Ellie Choi, EALC, Waseda Oregon program; Nathan Hill, Sanskrit and Indian studies, Middlebury College program; Sarah Kashani, anthropology, Sogang University program; Martin Kroher, EALC, Princeton in Ishikawa program; Konrad Lawson, history, Seoul National University program; Ren-Yuan Li, EALC, Hokkaido International Foundation program; Di Yin Lu, history, Harvard Summer School; Eun Mi Mun, sociology, Inter-University Center (IUC) Yokohama; Andrea Murray, anthropology, IUC Yokohama; Jeremy Yellen, history, Harvard Summer School in Beijing; Alan Yeung, HAA, Princeton in Ishikawa program

Dissertation production grants

Rustin Gates, EALC, “Defending the Empire: Uchida Yasuya and Japanese Foreign Policy, 1865-1936”

Hoi-eun Kim, history, “Physicians on the Move: German Physicians in Meiji Japan and Japanese Medical Students in Imperial Germany, 1868-1914”

Liang Luo, EALC, “The Theatrics of Revolution: Tian Han (1898-1968) and the Cultural Politics of Performance in Modern China”

Izumi Nakayama, EALC, “Periodic Struggles: Menstruation Leave in Modern Japan”

Conference travel grants

Heather Blair, religion, presented “From Realm to Realm: Genre-Crossing and the Holy Man Nichizo,” American Academy of Religion annual meeting, Washington, D.C., November 2006.

Amy Catalinac, government, presented “How Identities Become Securitized: Japan’s Whaling Policy Explained,” Hawaii International Conference on the Social Sciences, May 2007.

Ellie Choi, EALC, presented “Travel and the Historical Imagination: Yi Kwangsu’s Vision of Choson During the Japanese Empire,” Gakushuin University, Tokyo, January 2007.

Rustin Gates, EALC, presented “Japanese Cultural History and Foreign Policy,” New York conference on Asian studies at St. Lawrence University, October 2006.

Hwansoo Kim, Committee on the Study of Religion, presented “Beyond Resistance and Collaboration: The Strategic Merger of the Korean Wonjong and the Japanese Sotoshu in Colonial Korea,” 2006 American Academy of Religion annual meeting, Washington, D.C., November 2006.

Yongwook Ryu, government, presented “Japan’s Foreign Policy since the 1990s,” Japanese Studies Association in Southeast Asia at the National University of Singapore, October 2006.

Glynne Walley, EALC, presented “A Companion Who Remembers Saikaku: Bakin Writes His 1802 Journey to the Capital,” Association for Asian Studies annual meeting, Boston, March 2007.

Alan Yeung, HAA, presented “The Makura-Honzon,” 33rd annual Cleveland Art History Symposium, March 2007.

Graduate study travel: Master of Architecture I

Yusun Kwon ’08; Hyong Kyun Rah ’08; Naomi Sakamoto ’08; and Gia Wolff ’08

Master of Architecture II

Kosuke Bando ’08; Thomas DelSordo ’07, Ping-Sh Han ’08, Mohammed Hossain ’07, Yunseok Kang ’08, Ka Ying Betty Ng ’08; Saran Oki ’08; and Narin Paranulaksa ’08

Master of Architecture in Urban Design

Powei Lai ’07