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AMS awards Veblen Prize to Harvard professor

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The American Mathematical Society (AMS) awarded the Oswald Veblen Prize in Geometry last month to William Casper Graustein Professor of Mathematics Peter Kronheimer (along with his collaborator Tomasz Mrowka of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Given every three years, the Veblen Prize is one of the field’s highest honors for work in geometry or topology.

According to the prize citation, Kronheimer and Mrowka were honored for their joint contributions to both three- and four-dimensional topology through the development of deep analytical techniques and applications. The citation pointed in particular to three seminal papers by Kronheimer and Mrowka: “Embedded Surfaces and the Structure of Donaldson’s Polynomial Invariants,” Journal of Differential Geography; “The Genus of Embedded Surfaces in the Projective Plane,” Mathematical Research Letters; and “Witten’s Conjecture and Property P,” Geometry and Topology.

– Andrew Brooks