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Police reports

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Following are some of the incidents reported to the Harvard University Police Department for the week ending Sept. 11. The official log is located at 1033 Massachusetts Ave., sixth floor, and is available online at

Sept. 1: An officer was dispatched to the New Research Building to take a report of an unattended credit card that was stolen. Sept. 3: Graffiti was reported spray-painted on a building at 4 Fernald Drive.

Sept. 4: At Peabody Terrace, an officer assisted an individual in obtaining a restraining order against another individual. Cash in the amount of $800 was reported stolen from the Dillon Field House. Officers observed two individuals behaving suspiciously and lighting a pipe in the area of Malkin Athletic Center (MAC). After the officers conducted a field interview, one of the individuals handed over the pipe, which contained marijuana. After further questioning, the individuals presented a clear bag containing more of the substance. While conducting a warrant check with negative results, one of the officers observed a mirror case located behind the two individuals. An officer then asked what was located in the case, to which one of the individuals disclosed that it was heroin. The officer then opened the case and observed a clear bag containing the Class A substance. The individuals were placed under arrest for possession of heroin and marijuana.

Sept. 5: An officer was dispatched to the Northwest Lab to take a theft report involving 5,000 feet of copper lead cable valued at $15,000.

Sept. 6: Officers observed an individual behaving suspiciously in the area of the MAC. The individual was run for warrants with positive results and was placed under arrest.

Sept. 7: A laptop was reported stolen from the Kennedy School. An individual was placed under arrest for trespassing at 175 N. Harvard St.

Sept. 8: An officer filed a theft report involving 2,000 feet of copper lead cable (valued at $10,000) at 24 Oxford St. Cash in the amount of $75 was reported taken from an envelope in a secured desk at the Armenise Building.

Sept. 9: At 33 Dunster St., an officer stopped and conducted a field interview with an individual believed to have a warrant. The individual was taken into custody for possession of a Class D substance. Officers were dispatched to One Western Ave. on a complaint of skateboarders in the area. The officers arrived and conducted a field interview with six individuals. Three of the individuals were issued trespass warnings for all Harvard property and three individuals were placed under arrest for trespassing.

Sept. 10: A purse with contents valued at $4,850 was reported stolen from an unsecured moving truck on Cowperthwaite Street. Sept. 11: Cash in the amount of $30 was reported stolen from a backpack left unattended at the Sackler Museum loading dock. Since Sept. 1, six bicycles have been reported stolen.