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Hoopes winners announced; Fay Prize winner among them

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Fay Prize winner chosen

More than 70 undergraduates have won the Thomas T. Hoopes Prize for outstanding scholarly work or research. The prize is funded by the estate of Thomas T. Hoopes 19. The prize winners, including their advisers, are as follows:

Hana Rachel Alberts, for her submission titled “On Lawrence Summers, Women, and Science: Changing Debates About the Biology of Sex Differences at Harvard Since 1969” – Anne Harrington

Fay Prize winner chosen

Victoria Wobber ’06 has been named the recipient of the 2006 Captain Jonathan Fay Prize for her thesis, ‘The Evolution of Cooperative Signal Comprehension in the Domestic Dog (Canis Familiaris).’ Richard Wrangham, the Ruth B. Moore Professor of Biological Anthropology, advised Wobber’s thesis.

The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study awards the Captain Jonathan Fay Prize to members of Harvard¹s graduating class who have produced the most outstanding imaginative work or piece of original research in any field, which can take the form of a thesis, class research, or creative arts project. Candidates for the Fay Prize are chosen from among the nominees for Harvard College’s Thomas T. Hoopes Prize, awarded annually for outstanding scholarly work or research.

Luke Appling, for his submission titled “From Policy to Politics: The Effect of the Earned Income Tax Credit on Individual and Group Political Participation” – Theda Skocpol

Amelia Eyre Atlas, for her submission titled “At the Critical Crossroads: Lionel Trilling and the Transformation of the Public Intellectual” – Louis Menand

Kristian Bergen, for his submission titled “The Relationship Between Length and Displacement of Thrust Faults From the Niger Delta, Sichuan Basin, and Magdalena Basin” – John H. Shaw

Alexander J. Blenkinsopp, for his submission titled “Honesty vs. Expedience: The Deficient Jurisprudence of Punishment and the Legal Labeling Game” – Ellsworth Fersch

Heather Brink-Roby, for her submission titled “‘Naturally Ordered in Sheaves’: George Eliot and Nineteenth-Century Taxonomy” – Leah Price

Maggie Cao, for her submission titled “Reframing the Subject: Alfred Stieglitz’s Portraiture and the Legitimization of Straight Photography” – Robin Kelsey

Shelly SeungAh Choo, for her submission titled “Structural and Biochemical Studies of the N-Terminal Region of the Temperature – Sensing TRPV Ion Channels” – Rachelle Gaudet

Robert L. Cohen, for his submission titled “Functional Studies of Budding Yeast Kinetochore Protein Mif2p by X-Ray Crystallography and Biochemistry” – Stephen C. Harrison

Michal Cohen, for her submission titled “The Makings of a Menace: Constructing the Marijuana Threat in the Early Twentieth Century” – Sharrona Pearl

Azzurra Cox, for her submission titled “(Re)Forming Spaces: Is There Place for the Architect in Informal Settlements?” – Margaret Crawford

Mathias Crawford, for his submission titled “The Uncivilized Camera: Television Technology and the Vietnam War” – Peter Buck

Jenny Davis, for her submission titled “Peter Kalifornsky: Working Dena’Ina Country with Words” – Lisa Brooks

Melissa Lynne Dell, for her submission titled “Widening the Border: The Impact of NAFTA on Female Labor Force Participation in Mexico” – Jeffrey G. Williamson

Christine DeLucia, for her submission titled “King Philip’s War in Landscape and Memory” – Lawrence Buell

William Deringer, for his submission titled “Beyond The Idle Philosopher: William Petty, The Down Survey, and the Empowerment of Knowledge, 1652-1662” – David Armitage

Caitlin Donovan, for her submission titled “Good Men and Bad Emperors – Tacitus’ Agricola: A Historical Exemplum of Republican Virtue” – Christopher Krebs

Philip Dreyfuss, for his submission titled “Exploring Chemical Diversity Through Silyl Functionalized Small Molecules” – Stuart L. Schreiber

Stephen Fan, for his submission titled “Memorial Hall: Collective Memories and Constructions of Harvard’s Civil War Legacy” – Rabun Taylor

Sarah Elizabeth Fawcett, for her submission titled “Reassessment of the Timing of the Holocene Initiation of the Great Barrier Reef, and an Investigation of Climatic Conditions During Its Growth” – Daniel P. Schrag

David Ramsey Ferris, for his submission titled “Queer Legal Analysis” – Verity Smith

Micah Fitzerman-Blue, for his submission titled “Individualized Justice and Federalism: Uncle-Niece Marriages for Jews in Rhode Island” – Werner Sollors

Ryan M. Geraghty, for his submission titled “Globalization in the Roman Empire: A Formal Model of Rome’s Expansion, 200 B.C.-A.D. 100” – Jeffrey G. Williamson

Ian Goh, for his submission titled “To Make a Prairie: Bees as a Marker of Place in Greek and Latin Poetry” – Richard Thomas

Johnhenry Gonzales, for his submission titled “The Ashes of Empire and the Caribbean Origins of Neo-Colonialism: The Effects of the Haitian Revolution on European Ideas About Slavery and on French Imperial Policy” – Miles Rodriguez

Elizabeth Green, for her submission titled “Raising Alabama: A 2003 Battle for the Future of an American State” – Darra Mulderry

Matthew Guarnieri, for his submission titled “Theories of Negative Liberty: Interference, Capability, and Democracy” – Tamara Metz

James Sawalla III Guseh, for his submission titled “Studies on Lung Progenitors in Pulmonary Organogenesis” – Douglas A. Melton

Oscar Hernandez, for his submission titled “A Theater of Harmony: Adamo Boari’s Project for the Teatro Nacional, Mexico” – Christine Smith

James William Honan-Hallock, for his submission titled “For Creator, Sovereign, Academy, and Science: Johann Anton Güldenstädt and the 1768-1775 Russian Expedition to the Caucasus” – Sean Pollock

Mary Julia James, for her submission titled “Climate Change Mitigation and the Electricity Industry: A Critical Look at the Findings of a Major Utility” – Michael McElroy

David M. Kaden, for his submission titled “Leading a Committed World: The United States, the IMF, and the Political Economy of International Financial Crises” – Michael J. Hiscox

Rebecca Kastleman, for her submission titled “Ghostwriting: The Theatrical Collaboration of Robert Wilson and Heiner Muller on Alcestis” – Lawrence Switzky

Christine Kim, for her submission titled “The Pragmatics of Transition in Pindar’s Epinician Odes: A Performance-Minded Approach” – Gregory Nagy

Jessica Kim, for her submission titled “Characterization of the Oncogenic Activity of the Microphtalmia-Associated Transcription Factor Family” – David Fisher

Julian Kolev, for his submission titled “Endogenous Group Formation and Non-Assortative Matching in an Adverse Selection Microfinance Lending” – Beatriz Armendariz de Aghion

Philip Kreycik, for his submission titled “Documenting Sahel Dust Generation: Corals as High-Resolution Archives” – Sujoy Mukhopadhyay

Om Lala, for his submission titled “The Political Economy of Self-Regulation and Institutional Path Dependence: Explaining the Resistance to Institutional Change in India’s Medical Councils” – David E. Bloom, Marcus Alexander

Anica Law, for her submission titled “Genetic Analysis of Progenitor Cells and Signaling Pathways in Pancreatic Organogenesis” – Douglas A. Melton

Steve Young Lee, for his submission titled “Public Enemy Number One: The Conceptual Transformation of Heroin Addiction in Nixon-Era America, 1968-1972” – James Benjamin Hurlbut, Gene M. Heyman

Inna Livitz, for her submission titled “What’s in a Nominative? Implications of Russian Non-Nominative Subjects for a Crosslinguistic Approach to Subjecthood” – Cedric Boeckx

Shih En Lu, for his submission titled “Quasi-Hyperbolic Discounting and the Dual-Self Model in Rubinstein-Stahl Type Bargaining” – Drew Fudenberg

Jessica Marglin, for her submission titled “Jews into Frenchmen? The Alliance Israelite Universelle and French Pre-Colonial Policy in Morocco, 1862-1912” – Susan G. Miller

Michael Marotta, for his submission titled “Protective Binding: Retrieval Series” – Nancy Mitchnick

Elizabeth Michelle McMillen, for her submission titled “Renaissance and Renewal: The Kore of Sardis and Lydian Identity in the First and Second Centuries C.E.” – David Mitten

Iliana Montauk, for her submission titled “Moliere for Morocco: Postcolonial Negotiations of French Theater Policy (1950-1994)” – Zahr Said Stauffer

Elinathan N. Ohiomoba, for her submission titled “Through a Mirror Darkly” – Jamaica Kincaid

Joseph Pace, for his submission titled “Syria’s Islamic Challenge” – Michael Horowitz

Sarah Paiji, for her submission titled “How Black Is the Iraq War? Racial Representations of U.S. Troops in Newspaper Images” – Sendhil Mullainathan

Stefan Patrikis, for his submission titled “Lifting Symplectic Galois Representations” – Richard Taylor

James R. Pautz, for his submission titled “Translating the Sonnets of Paulo Henriques Britto and Glauco Mattoso” – Clemence Jouet-Pastre

Annelisa Pedersen, for her submission titled “Except me. Accept me. Expect me. Except me: The Collaborative Contrariness of Gertrude Stein and Virgil Thompson” – Carol Oja, Werner Sollors

Ian Polonsky, for his submission titled “Berkeley in the ’60s: Compilation, Criticism and the Busby Berkeley Musical” – J.D. Connor

Rowena Hildreth Potts, for her submission titled “‘When the Difference Between Us Was Erased, I Saw You Everywhere’: Shared Identities at a Sufi Shrine in Banaras” – Diana Eck, Licsi Aniko Szatmari

Stuart Robinson, for his submission titled “On Interpersonal Forgiveness” – Thomas M. Scanlon Jr.

Pablo M. Ros, for his submission titled “Yankee Yes: The Effect of American Financial Colonialism on the Development of Cuban Capital Markets” – John H. Coatsworth

Julian Rose, for his submission titled “Encountering Buildings, Reading Grammars: The Work of Dan Graham, 1966-1978” – Robin Kelsey

Raphael Rosen, for his submission titled “Under the Radar: Physics, Engineering, and the Distortion of World War Two Legacy” – Shawn Mullet

Bridget Samuels, for her submission titled “Nothing to Lose But Their Chains: Rethinking Vocalic Chain Shifting” – Jeremy Rau

Adam Scheffler, for his submission titled “Hell Hill or Six Whistles to Run By” – Jorie Graham

Lisa Lixin Shu, for her submission titled “Is the Endowment Effect Due to Loss Aversion or Mere Ownership?” – Daniel T. Gilbert, Carey K. Morewedge

Kelly Shue, for her submission titled “The Bookend Effect: Who Misvotes and Why? Evidence From the 2003 California Recall Election” – Erzo F.P. Luttmer

Eric Sorensen Shroyer, for his submission titled “‘To Give It the Command of Its Own Fortunes’: George Washington’s Continental Strategy, 1783-1796” – Daniel Johnathan Sargent

Anant Thaker, for his submission titled “The Impact of Social Capital on Income Inequality in the U.S.” – Robert D. Putnam

Ariane Isabelle Tschumi, for her submission titled “The Instrumentality of Science in the Social Reform: The X Club and the ‘Reader’ in England, 1863-1867” – Jean-Francois Gauvin

Gregory Valiant, for his submission titled “The Inefficiency of Selfishness in Network Routing” – Michael Mitzenmacher

Daniel Benjamin Williams, for his submission titled “‘Human Kindness’: Animals and Compassionate Attention in the Novels of J.M. Coetzee” – Philip Fisher

Victoria Wobber, for her submission titled “The Evolution of Cooperative Signal Comprehension in the Domestic Dog (Canis familiaris)” – Richard Wrangham

Sandra Ling Chie Wong, for her submission titled “Host Cell Surface Proteoglycan Interactions with the Alpha C Protein of Group B Streptococcus” – Lawrence Madoff, Miriam Baron

William Woolston, for his submission titled “Do ‘Great Expectations’ Matter? The Relationship Between Teacher Expectations and Student Academic Success” – Caroline Hoxby

Danny Yagan, for his submission titled “Decisions under the UC Affirmative Action Ban: Evidence from Law School Applications of Harvard College Seniors and Graduates” – Sendhil Mullainathan

Han Yu, for her submission titled “Yu Industries” – Annette Lemieux

Emily Zazulia, for her submission titled “Johannes Puyllois (d. 1478) and His Sacred Music: A Reassessment, with a Critical Edition of His Complete Works” – Sean Gallagher

Xiaolong Zhou, for his submission titled “Characterization of the Role of Rab5 and the Clathrin Heavy Chain C-terminus in Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis” – Tomas Kirchhausen

2006 honorable mentions

Milena Andzelm, for her submission titled “The Role of Myosin II in Natural Killer Cell Effector Function” – Jack L. Strominger

Mark Geyer, for his submission titled “Understanding the Role of XRCC4 in Class Switch Recombination and Lymphomagenesis” – John P. Manis

Caitlin Hicks, for her submission titled “Automating Analysis of Behavior: Development of a Computer-Controlled Training Apparatus and Its Applications to the Investigation of Learning and Memory in Planarians” – Michael Levin

Kierann Elizabeth Smith, for her submission titled “The Characterization of and Mapping of the Blowout (blw) Mutation in Zebrafish” – John Dowling