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Farmers Market brings fresh idea to Harvard campus

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Open Tuesdays through Oct. 31

Linda LeFever, Judi DellaBarba, and Jennifer
From left, Linda LeFever, Judi DellaBarba, and Jennifer Firneno of Harvard University Dining Services check out the chocolate mint at the opening of the Farmers Market at Harvard. (Staff photo Rose Lincoln/Harvard News Office)

With the ringing of a cow bell on Tuesday (June 20), fresh produce from a weekly farmers’ market became available on the Harvard campus, providing a delicious example of where our food comes from.

The market, located near Memorial Hall at the corner of Oxford and Kirkland Streets, officially opened after welcoming comments by the Rev. Peter Gomes, the Plummer Professor of Christian Morals and Pusey Minister in The Memorial Church, and bell ringing by Ted Mayer, executive director of University Dining Services.

The market, part of University Dining Services’ Food Literacy Project, will be in operation on Tuesdays through Oct. 31 from 1 to 6 p.m. (The market will not be open on July 4.) The Food Literacy Project aims to educate members of the Harvard community about where our food comes from, focusing on food preparation, agriculture, nutrition, and community to help people make more educated food choices.

The Farmers Market at Harvard features produce, some certified organic, from Silverbrook Farm, Plato’s Harvest, Yang Family Vegetables, and Lanni Orchard. There will also be candy and pies from Sweet Sue’s Bakery or the Danish Pastry House. The market, near Memorial Hall, will also feature weekly cooking demonstrations.

Beth Baiter, who works at the Weatherhead Center, buys perennials. (Staff photo Rose Lincoln/Harvard News Office)