Veronica McClure
Veronica McClure wears a period costume while showing her portfolio, ‘What a Civil War Encampment Means.’ (Staff photos Kris Snibbe/Harvard News Office)

It could’ve been dubbed “Around the World in 70 Artworks.” The recent art show at the Kennedy School trekked back in time to Civil War encampments; journeyed through space to destinations ranging from Franklin Park to Japan to New Zealand; explored ants, birds, and fish; and even made a short spectacular hop back into the psychedelic ’60s. It was the Fourth Annual KSG Art Show and it was, in short, a success. Seventy of the most talented of Kennedy School staff were represented in the Taubman Building exhibit, and their media were as varied as their subjects – videos, scrapbooks, needlepoint, jewelry, a light show, and the more familiar genres of painting and photography. At times, the show was as much a “happening” as an exhibit – Veronica McClure wore a period costume to display her portfolio “What a Civil War Encampment Means”; Noemi Garcia Tagorda showed her video “We Are Ants”; and Bert Syms caused flashbacks for some with his “Psychedelic Light Show With Music.” If you missed it, remember, it happens every spring.

Facebook II
Jude Heichelbech’s ‘Facebook II (Saul)’
Tezeta Tulloch
Tezeta Tulloch interacts with Bert Syms’ ‘Psychedelic Light Show With Music.’
photograph of tuba
Rasvan Iliescu exhibited this photograph ‘Glittering Reflection.’ (Photo courtesy of Rasvan Iliescu)