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DeWolfe Howe Fund seeks proposals for 2006-07

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The Mark DeWolfe Howe Fund for Study and Research in Civil Rights-Civil Liberties and Legal History is currently accepting proposals for either the coming summer or for the 2006-07 academic year. The income from the fund, created in memory of the late Professor Howe, is used to support study and research in Anglo-American legal history, or for study and research (broadly construed) in civil rights or civil liberties in the United States by students, faculty, officers of administration, or recent graduates of the University.One of the purposes for which grants may be made available is to enable students to travel or reside in different parts of the United States to increase their understanding of the problems of civil rights or civil liberties.

Grants will be used to support proposals that are in the spirit of Professor Howe’s commitment to the cause of political liberty, social justice, and the highest standards of scholarship.

Applicants should send a brief written statement of their proposal to Professor John H. Mansfield, c/o Susan Norton, Hauser Hall 506, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA 02138, by April 21. Application forms may be obtained from the above-mentioned address.