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Rowland Institute names two new fellows

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The Rowland Institute for Science, an interdisciplinary research institute in Cambridge, Mass., that merged with Harvard in 2002, has announced its selection of two new junior fellows. These researchers have been chosen to perform independent experimental research for five years, with full institutional support and access to the institute’s technical and scientific resources.

The fellows, and their research, include Harvard research assistant Andrew Speck (atomic physics) and Ozgur Sahin of Stanford University (scanning probe microscopy).

“Our fellows are unusual people, with both good ideas and good hands,” said Frans Spaepen, director of the institute. “We consider candidates in all the natural sciences, as well as in engineering, with special attention to interdisciplinary opportunities and the development of new experimental methods. Fellows are selected for their scientific achievement, their creativity, their resourcefulness as experimentalists, and their ability to work independently.”

The new fellows join current Rowland junior fellows Zvonimir Dogic (complex fluids), Jiwoong Park (nanosensors and nanoelectronics), Kristin Lewis (chemical ecology of parasitic plant associations), Peer Fischer (chiro-optical spectroscopy and chiral discrimination), and Frank Vollmer (biofunctional photonics).

The institute aims to appoint fellows every year, for an overall total of approximately 10.