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Commencement information

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Restrooms: Restrooms for the general public are located in Weld, Thayer, and Sever halls. These restrooms are wheelchair accessible.

First aid stations: First aid stations are situated in the following locations: Weld Hall (room 11), Thayer Hall (room 106), and Sever Hall (room 112).

Water stations: Water stations are located along the perimeter of Tercentenary Theatre and are clearly marked. Stations are located on the Widener Library steps, at Weld Hall (north porch and northeast entrance), Thayer Hall (south steps), Sever Hall (main entrance), and College Pump, near Hilles Library.

Televised viewing: The Commencement Morning Exercises and the Afternoon Annual Meeting of the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) are televised live for guests who are unable to attend these campus events. The broadcast times are 9 to 11:30 a.m. and 1:45 to 4:30 p.m. and can be seen on Comcast Cable (channel 54 in Cambridge; channel 12 in Boston/Brookline).

Webcast viewing: The live Webcast may be viewed at the following Harvard Web sites:; http://; or at

Video services: Broadcast-quality, multiple-camera DVD and HHS recordings of the Commencement Morning Exercises and the Afternoon Annual Meeting of HAA held in Tercentenary Theatre are available. Class Day Exercises (held June 8) are also available on DVD and VHS. Recordings of Morning and Afternoon Commencement Day include commentary during the processions. Single-camera recordings are made of the diploma ceremonies at all of the Houses and some of the graduate/professional Schools.

For purchase of or information about videos, contact Commencement Video at (617) 884-6000; for audio only call the Media Production Center at (617) 495-9440.