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REP helps Harvard reap environmental benefits

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Student administrative collaboration is model for other universities

Springfest Green Cup presentation
At the annual Springfest, MaryEmily Colvin ’05 and Jon Bardin ’06 of Currier House heft the Green Cup, an award presented to Currier House for being the most environmentally friendly dorm. (Staff file photo Peter DiCampo/Harvard News Office)
The Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ (FAS) Resource Efficiency Program (REP) celebrated its third annual spring celebration May 13 on the Quincy Masters’ Rooftop Terrace, marking the culmination of the program’s third year. A unique peer environmental education program, REP is a collaborative effort between students and the administration. Student “REPresentatives” communicate messages about sustainable daily habits (resource and energy conservation, waste reduction, sustainable dining issues, and eco-friendly living) to other students in their residential communities.

In its first year (2002-03 academic year), REP saved the University more than $200,000 in reduced energy usage, waste decrease, recycling increase, and water conservation efforts. The program has become a model for universities around the nation; Yale and the University of New Hampshire have most recently created programs based on REP’s model.

Sponsoring partners include Harvard Recycling and Waste Management, FAS Office of Physical Resources, Harvard University Dining Services, and the Harvard Green Campus Initiative.

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At the May 13 event, the winner of the Green Cup – an annual yearlong competition between the Houses analyzing waste reduction, electricity and steam conservation, and student sustainability projects – was announced. Currier House took the 2005 Green Cup to earn its second cup in a row, while Kirkland and Cabot finished in second and third place, respectively. The contest is coordinated by REP, and sponsored by the Harvard FAS Office of Physical Resources.

Green Cup Eco-Project Winners were also named. Winners received a small stipend to go toward their House efforts or their personal endeavors. This year’s Green Cup Eco Project Winners were Jon Bardin ’06, Currier Dining Hall Mug Rack Project ($125); Matthew Meisel ’07, Currier Mini Shuttle Schedule ($125); Peter Harbison ’06 and Courtney Wallace ’06, Eliot Dishware Return ($125); Nicole Laws ’06, Currier Green Art Display ($75); Zach Taylor ’05 and Christina Cheuk ’06, Currier Clothing Drive ($75); Jacquelyn Chou ’07 and Lauren Sancken ’05, Kirkland Garden Projects ($75); Christina Anderson ’08, Harvard Yard Tree Tour ($75); and Shantanu Gaur ’08, Green Consumer Workshop (Yard) ($75).

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Winners of the EnviroCitizens award were also recognized at the REP celebration for their contribution to sustainability, environmental awareness, and community-building efforts throughout the year. All EnviroCitizens were nominated by their peers and recognized by their House/Yard “REPresentatives.”

This year’s EnviroCitizens include Jon Husson ’06 of Adams House; Irina Gumennik ’07, Jesse Krohn ’06, Christiana Lackner ’07, Jason Lurie ’05, and Nantaporn Sombatsiri ’07 of Cabot House; Jon Bardin ’06, Andrea Bomar ’05, Alisa Braithwaite (resident tutor), David Bowen ’05, Christina Cheuk ’06, Robert Cioffi ’05, Chris Clearfield ’05, Kathryn Cosgrove ’07, Andrea Flores ’05, Luz Isabel Gonzalez ’05, James Granger ’06, Patrick Haas ’05, Patrick Hosfield ’05, Malcolm Howard ’05, Michael Kummer ’05, Brooks Bradley Lambert-Sluder ’05, Nicole Laws ’06, Daniel Luxemburg ’07, Laura Maludzin ’06, Christine Malumphy ’05, Matthew Meisel ’07, Natalia Mendoza ’05, Doug Nannene ’05, Tony Perez ’05, Zach Taylor ’05, Raegan Tennant ’03, Cliff Thomas ’05, Andras Tilcsik ’05, Simona Topor Pop ’05, Michelle White ’05, and Dave Zikusoka ’06 of Currier House; Zach Liscow ’05, Emily Wilson ’07, Gui Woolston ’06, and Rebecca Zeidel ’06, of Dunster House; Zareef Ahmed ’05, Elizabeth Carlson ’06, William Conners ’05, Maya Frommer ’07, Paul Gilligan ’05, Peter Harbison ’06, Courtney Wallace ’06, Peter Wilson ’06 Ashley Zalta ’07 of Eliot House; Jacquelyn Chou ’07, Matt Mahan ’05, Lee Murray ’06, and Lauren Sanken ’05 of Kirkland House; Yan Fang ’04-05 and Emily Martin ’04 of Leverett House; Sean Wilson ’05 and Meaghan Cain ’06 of Mather House; Sarah Bahan ’06 of Pforzheimer House; Anna Greenberg ’06, Caroline Gross ’05, Nick Josefowitz ’05, Tyler Neill ’07, Aleris Rodgers ’06, Esther Tian ’05, and Matt Weisinger ’05 of Quincy House; Matt Glazer ’06, Scot Miller ’07, and Alex Pasternack ’05 of Winthrop House; Ronnie Anguas ’08, Dara Blume ’08, Henry Cowles ’08, Jamie Guarnaccia ’08, Paayal Gupta ’08, Bethany Hucks ’08, Allegra Lichauco ’08, Faon O’Connor ’08, Julia Rozier ’08, Tim Schmidt ’08, Ximena Vengoechea ’08, and Yonas Yemane ’08 of Harvard Yard.

“Reps” and REP Steering Group members were also recognized for their leadership, energy, and dedication throughout the year. This year’s Recognized Reps include Bryan Ho ’06, Jaclyn Hatala ’07, MaryEmily Colvin ’05, Rebecca Fleming ’07, Michael Wilson ’07, Mary Thomas ’07, Erica Mitchell ’06, Nina Ni ’05, Meredith Lanoue ’06, Mark Mozur ’05, Jordan Smith ’06, Jason Yeo ’07, Caitlan McLoon ’07, Rachel Banay ’07, Simi Bhat ’08, Hayley Fink ’08, and Jeremy Tchou ’08. The Recognized REP Steering Group honorees include Tasha Bartch ’06 (REP co-captain); Lindsay Crouse ’06 (REP co-captain); Henry Cowles ’08 (Harvard College Environmental Action Committee); Antje Danielson (FAS Computer Energy Reduction Program); Rob Gogan (Harvard Recycling and Waste Management); Bob Leandro (Harvard University Dining Services); Jayne Loader (Quincy House co-master); Scot Miller ’07 (Harvard College Environmental Action Committee); Jay Phillips (FAS Office of Physical Resources); Leith Sharp (Harvard Green Campus Initiative); and Lexi Tuddenham ’05 (Harvard College Environmental Action Committee).