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Hybrid delivery truck wins Roy Family Award

James Sweetnam, David Bronczek, Ellen Roy Hertzfelder, and Fred Krupp
Staff photo Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard News Office
The Kennedy School of Government has presented the 2005 Roy Family Award for Environmental Partnership to the FedEx-Environmental Defense Future Vehicle Project. The Future Vehicle Project – a public/private collaboration of Environmental Defense, FedEx Express, and the Eaton Corporation –  has introduced a hybrid delivery truck that increases fuel efficiency by over 50 percent and reduces particulate emissions by 96 percent. FedEx plans to make the hybrid vehicles the standard replacement in its weight class of 30,000 medium-duty trucks. Before the May 4 presentation, senior vice president of Eaton Corporation James Sweetnam (from left); David Bronczek, president and CEO of FedEx Express; Ellen Roy Hertzfelder, representative of the Roy family and state secretary of environmental affairs; and Fred Krupp, president of Environmental Defense, gather for a chat.